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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits

After looking at the data, my short list for the Top non-profit director who earned their salaries included Bruce Beale of DCCCA where over half of the revenues come from government grants despite the fact that virtually every probation granted in Douglas County where drugs or alcohol were involved (from DUI to assault to under-aged drinking), family violence, or where there is any question of mental health requires successful completion of a DCCCA program and payment to DCCCA get off of probation.

In the end I gave my top spot to Mary Doveton of Theatre Lawrence and not just because in American English it is usually spelled as Theater and Theatre is a lot more classy. But because she is the only member of a 18 member board who receives a salary, $50,985, on revenues which included $167,000 of ticket sales and $130,000 of "Grocery Cards." Now I must admit I had no idea before I read her Form 990 that a typical funding for a "Theatre" was "Grocery Cards" so I was taken by surprise. Nevermind, she was able to convince the City and County Commissions to give her grants totaling $200,000 which is $70,000 more than the grocery card income stream!

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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits

autie (anonymous) says… "Comparing KU anything to service organizations that provide services for DD/mental health/childrens care/foster placement like comparing pumpkins from the moon. Ridiculous."

Why? Is there something particular that you like/dislike about KU?

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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits

n0mjs (anonymous) says… "I am one of the CEOs on the "over $100,000" list. I have a few comments on my situation in particular."

I don't think the $100+ salary was meant as an indictment and the numbers used were gathered from a independent agency that claims coverage of non-profits. 501(3)(c) charitable organizations are able to take tax deductible contributions as well as fee-for-services. I don't see the relevance of the fact that you have chosen not to take donations. As far as I could find Shaun didn't use the term "taking a salary" and for the most parts the comments are unmoderated and not necessarily the view of the World Company management or employees.

The point of the article, as far as I could see, was to provide a comparative overview of non-profits in Lawrence Kansas area and not nationwide and he could hardly be faulted for the fact that he didn't contact all 90 directors. I think that your point of view was clearly covered and best stated in the ‘Not apples to apples’ section that contained the following quote, "Trying to compare nonprofit salaries and figuring out a way to gauge fair pay for such work is a complicated and subjective task, said James Abruzzo, a nonprofit compensation specialist for DHR International."

If your point is you could be making a larger salary but choose not to, then good on you mate. Perhaps Shaun can be persuaded to give you special coverage in a feature article that demonstrates you not some evil rich guy.

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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits

shaunepec (Shaun Hittle) says ... Appreciate the list. I think that does help put it into some perspective, but I think that calculating like that does present some issues, which I'm sure you've figured out.

Absolutely correct, no matter the ideology one has to be careful on what conclusions can be drawn from such a simple analysis, especially if one is a reporter doing journalism. I am sure those on the right will have a very different take of the numbers than those on the left.

What i appreciated the most about this article is that you resisted the temptation to draw broad conclusions from your work, unlike other higher profile colleagues at the World Company.

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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits

Much more interesting, but not disclosed in the article, was how much of an non-profits revenues were from government grants of tax dollars versus private fund raising, which raises some larger questions of contributions being income tax deductible.

For instance, the average compensation was 14.8736% and the median compensation was:
Theatre Lawrence Mary Doveton $50,985/$492,037 10.3620%

If I recall correctly, the city of Lawrence and Douglas County each gave Theatre Lawrence $100,000 which would be 40% of their revenues and presumably the remaining 60% was private contributions which provided the donor with a partially offsetting income tax deduction.

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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits


Nice bit of objective fact based journalism. I noticed that some of the "Director or highest paid employee" took a large percentage of revenues as compensation. So I imported your data (excluding those where that data that wasn't complete) and computed that percentage as a measure of effeciency. Those that took more than 30% of revenues as compensation includes:

Haskell Foundation Michael O'Leary $49,606/$64,532 76.8704%
Called to Greatness Ministries Ryan Hickman $84,000/$116,412 72.1575%
Social Service League of Lawrence Jean Ann Pike, Store Manager $33,637/$58,699 57.3042%
Accredit Council Ed. Journalism & Mass Comm. Susanne Shaw $111,364 /$219,238 50.7959%
Wakarusa Valley Development, Inc. Troy Roberts $98,592/$203,779 48.3818%
Kansas Scholastic Press Association Jeff Browne $39,349/$84,092 46.7928%
Student Churches Erik Fish $79,859/$186,902 42.7277%
Haskell Light Paul Flaa $114,571/$282,487 40.5580%
Family Promise Dana Ortiz $50,000/$132,831 37.6418%
Lawrence Community Nursery School Stephanie Duncan $32,112 /$89,589 35.8437%
Lawrence Regional Technology Center Matthew McClorey $175,124/$491,607 35.6228%
National American Indian Court Judges Association Vincent Knight $90,078/$291,219 30.9314%
Ecumenical Christian Ministries Thad Holcombe $56,708/$186,723 30.3701%

On the other side of the scale, those that took less than 3% of revenues in compensation included:

Kansas Research and Education Network Cortney Buffington $114,633/$3,836,484 2.9880%
Douglas County Visiting Nurses Association Judith Bellome $107,191/$3,594,018 2.9825%
Lawrence Community Shelter Loring Henderson $35,640/$1,205,339 2.9568%
American Society for Photobiology Jean Cadet $12,000/$408,874 2.9349%
Douglas County Child Development Association Anna Jenny $42,770/$1,639,377 2.6089%
Trinity In-Home Care Kelly Evans $47,744/$1,933,358 2.4695%
Independence, Inc. Stacey Schwartz $58,500/$3,344,737 1.7490%
DCCCA Bruce Beale $300,000/$20,282,848 1.4791%
Bert Nash David Johnson $130,000/$9,639,324 1.3486%
Douglas County Community Foundation Chip Blaser $64,142/$7,278,369 0.8813%
ECKAN Richard Jackson $100,395/$11,896,029 0.8439%
Kansas University Athletics Sheahon Zeanger $450,000/$67,090,128 0.6707%
Cottonwood Sharon Spratt $152,500/$23,133,114 0.6592%
Kansas University Endowment Association Dale Seuferling $403,965/$132,323,429 0.3053%
University of Kansas Center for Research Steve Warren $305,467/$151,370,474 0.2018%

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Kansas leaders pursuing 2 paths in next step after Boeing announces plant closure

"Some Kansas officials felt betrayed when they learned Boeing Co. was contemplating closing its defense plant in Wichita, and the area’s congressman says he’s researching whether the company can be held to promises to bring thousands of jobs to the Sunflower State."

But it probably isn't just Kansas officials who feel betrayed, but also Mike Hoeflich, LJWorld columnist, former KU law dean and law professor who teaches contracts at KU was willing to overlook Boeing's corrupt practices as long as Kansas gets a cut of the action, which is ironic because he teaches "Professional Responsibility."
"State should fight for Boeing", by Mike Hoeflich. LJWorld Online, March 13, 2008.

What do you expect when you support a company whose business practices include corruption, fraud, crony capitalism, and corporate welfare that is so widespread it is breathtaking, just because they provide local jobs? Let's just ignore the fact that the investigation of the first tanker deal revealed malfeasance, resulting in a $615 million fine for the company. Boeing's CEO, Phil Condit, was forced to resign. The company's CFO was sent to prison. Darleen Druyun, who had served as the second-ranking civilian official for Air Force procurement, also went to prison.

She pled guilty in 2004 to steering the tanker contract and other deals toward Boeing in the hopes of later securing lucrative jobs with the company for herself and her family members.
"Boeing CFO and Top Pentagon Air Force Buyer Go to Prison Over $4 Billion Fraud"

Make deals with people who cheat and then act all indignant because you get cheated.

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Your Favorite comment thread of 2011 was ... ?

"Now we're under new management. Knology owns this space. We have lost Jonathan Kealing, and his sidekick Witney. As of now, Alex Parker is in control here (Alexander Haig ref)."

Really? I think the World Company still owns this space. While I had hoped that Jonathan's and Witney's departure's would lead to some balance reporting, those hopes were quickly dashed. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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Nominations open for 2012 Only in Lawrence special section

thirdplanet (anonymous) says… "How about nominating Doug Compton for investing in the growth and expansion of downtown?"

Don't worry Chad Lawhorn has it covered for you.

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Lawrence man, 18, given probation term for sexual encounter with 14-year-old girl

21-3522. Unlawful voluntary sexual relations.
(a) Unlawful voluntary sexual relations is engaging in voluntary: (1) Sexual intercourse; (2) sodomy; or (3) lewd fondling or touching with a child who is 14 years of age but less than 16 years of age and the offender is less than 19 years of age and less than four years of age older than the child and the child and the offender are the only parties involved and are members of the opposite sex.

(b) (1) Unlawful voluntary sexual relations as provided in subsection (a)(1) is a severity level 8, person felony. (2) Unlawful voluntary sexual relations as provided in subsection (a)(2) is a severity level 9, person felony. (3) Unlawful voluntary sexual relations as provided in subsection (a)(3) is a severity level 10, person felony.

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