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The food here is delicious. However; they have managed to screw up the last 3 of 4 orders I have placed for delivery. Today, they charged me 1.98 (wow!) for extra dressing (no bigger than a small ketchup container) and forgot to bring it! That's more than they charge for a fountain soda! If you are gonig to charge 7.50 for a salad, you should really provide 2 containers of dressing, due to the size. Or charge, say, 50 cents for an extra dressing.

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Bid for recreation center comes in about $10 million lower than expected; questions grow over other cost estimates

It is my understanding that Fritzel is guaranteed the $25 Million...

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I have taken our vehicles here many times, whether it be for tires, repairs and regular oil changes. Their pricing is more than fair and they can always get us in same-day. I never feel like we are being put through the ringer or cheated out of our hard earned money. Thank you to Jimmy and his guys!

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High-speed chase ends with suspect's vehicle on fire east of Perry

USD 343 (Perry-Lecompton) schools were on Lockdown from 8:50-9:05 due to this incident. I received an automated message around 10:20 notifying me of the Lockdown situation that had occured. I'm sure my child will tell me all about it this evening, but I'm glad to be informed prior to hearing the story from my child and then wondering what happened.

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Home security sales scam causes concern, complaints

I had a guy at my door Monday evening with an iPad in hand. I said "We rent" he responded "Well, who on this block owns their home?" I said "I don't know. Bye." In my opinion they should have multiple kinds of "No Solicitation" signs available. I don't mind Girl Scouts or school fundraisers, it's the yahoos like this that I want to keep away. Thank goodness we are moving to the country and (hopefully) won't have to deal with solicitors.

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Tonganoxie man, 49, suffers serious injuries in accident early Wednesday morning in rural Leavenworth County

It is in fact deer season right now. Archery and Muzzleloader season that is... I know this for a fact, as a deer was hanging in my garage Monday evening, thus I avoided the garage.

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Central National Bank to close two Lawrence locations; four others to remain open

I bank with Central National, as do my parents, and I've had NO problems with them. I always receive the best customer service, regardless of branch location. I switched from Bank of America, so it doesn't take much to be better, but Central National exceeds my expectations and I highly recommend them. Though I am sad they are closing the Harper branch, which I use most often, I've always thought them to have too many locations in Lawrence. Their Wal Mart branch is open 7 days/week and that is fantastic!

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Rain delays Wednesday's repaving on Sixth Street; major traffic tie-ups near bridges now anticipated on Thursday

Sending my child elsewhere for childcare today to avoid the headache = Epic Fail.

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Work on Sixth Street to cause major traffic problems; city warns motorists to avoid downtown Kansas River bridges

So how exactly should I get from East Lawrence to North Lawrence and back to East Lawrence twice tomorrow? I guess I either have to go out to Eudora and back in, or else pay to use the Turnpike, which will take me miles out of my way. Or perhaps I should take a day off of work and send the city a bill? As if I haven't spent enough time in traffic jams just with the tiny portion of 6th in front of city hall being closed the past week. I understand that only working at night makes the project take even longer, but maybe they could break during rush hour as to not cause traffic jams/accidents.

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Get ready for delays: Sixth Street set for repaving from Mass. to Iowa

They had already started this morning. I have to travel to North Lawrence and back twice a day for childcare. They had 4 construction guys directing traffic, but were not following the stop lights, thus there were 2 near misses with vehicles. Either turn off the stop lights or don't allow the workers to direct traffic, especially because they were all doing their own thing, thus telling cars to stop and go in different directions. The sign as you come South across the bridge reads "Road Work Begins 7/13/11 Find Alt Route" Two questions about this: Isn't tomorrow 7/13/11? Also, what "alt route" would you suggest? I imagine they cannot totally shut down traffic across the bridge, so I guess I will be asking my employer if I can leave 30 mintues early each day so that I am not late picking up my child and thus paying $10+/day. I agree with others, this section of road doesn't strike me as needing repaved at this time. Will they be re-opening the portion of 6th right in front of City Hall soon to compensate for the other road closures?

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