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Wait and see: KU must sweat out NCAA seed

Personally, I strongly dislike the Big XII tournament. In most years, win or lose, the Big XII tourney does nothing for the Hawks. A #1 or a #2 seed was solidified for KU prior to their game with A&M. Additionally, I have no desire to see KU play Baylor, KSU, or even MU for a third time. On the flip side of the coin, for a team like Baylor, winning out probably improves their seed in the NCAAs, but I'm not a Baylor fan. There may come a time when KU's NCAA fate relies on their Big XII tournament performance (I hope not), it just hasn't happened. The conference season seemed so long this year, I wish that KU had the option of opting out of the Big XII tourney. Rest and practice is what the Hawks need, not another opportunity to beat up on A&M for the third time while risking injury. It's mostly about $$, and that's a shame. I suppose it gives the little guy a chance to play their way into the "big dance", but does it really?

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Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB

Nasty names? The implication you posted previously is the nastiest of all insults. The hypocrisy is oozing through my computer screen.

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Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB

Pointing out the pessimism and lack of support for our university does not make me or anyone a Republican. Actually, I'm not sure how political ideology comes into play here. No one is being censored, and everyone is free to post their opinion. If I am to follow your logic, your comment in opposition to opinion on this thread must make you a right wing Republican. I'm suggesting removal for posting the greatest of all insults. RCJH!

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Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB

See above, AD Jones.

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Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB

You apparently have a negative outlook on humanity. You have no faith in KU, our AD, or our Chancellor. Weis could have continued to receive a paycheck at Florida where he was more than making a living. He chose to come to KU DESPITE all of the obstacles. He obviously wants to be here and lead our (you are not included) program into the future. He is replacing his hip in a couple of weeks and should be on the recruiting trail not long after. Additionally, recruiting coordinators are hired for this very reason among many others. Reggie Mitchell is one of the best, and Weis is retaining him. The only "dumb" thing here is your complete lack of faith in the University of Kansas. I suspect you are not a KU graduate, but a fan of Kansas sports; KSU football and KU basketball. These are the worst of fans and you appear to be their voice. My suggestion to you is to head over to the KC Star's site and join the host of ignorant Missouri fans criticizing this hire. RCJH!

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Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB

Just wondering... What is the basis for this opinion? What leads you to believe that Weis will only be at KU for a couple years?

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Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB

I did. Everyone doesn't read every article and thread. I felt that a positive comment was needed following the reading of the negative comments above. I'm not sure why you find this to be so funny. I've doubled my readership.

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‘Power surge’: KU introduces ‘old ball coach’ Charlie Weis to fix, fire-up program

You're right. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion. No one is "telling" me what my opinion is. If anything, my opinion of the hire is in the minority. Because of the debacle that the last two years were, the majority of the posts on this site have been of the negative variety and justifiably so. Weis has to prove himself on the field just as any hire would; however, on the surface, this is a great hire for KU. Weis already has Dayne Crist visiting KU this weekend for an official visit. His hire is already paying dividends. It's hard to have an optimistic outlook when we were so pathetic on the field over the last two years. However, I see this as a step in the right direction... on the surface that is.

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‘Power surge’: KU introduces ‘old ball coach’ Charlie Weis to fix, fire-up program

Some of the most negative "fans" come to these boards to post their dislike for the hiring of Charlie Weis. I believe that these same "fans" are the kind of people that can never be happy; eternal pessimists. Weis is a great hire for the University of Kansas. He has an excellent football mind and a toughness that the previous staff did not have. He has national name recognition that will open doors alone. Weis will hire a coaching staff that will rival any KU has seen, and we should all know that the head man is only as good as his staff. In the matter of one day, KU has gone from the laughing stock of the college football landscape to receiving positive national attention. In many eyes, KU does not deserve Charlie Weis. The question has been asked over and over; Why would Charlie Weis accept the KU job? This doesn't matter. What matters is that AD Zenger got his man, and he is on campus and ready to go. Weis nailed the press conference, speaking of a hard nosed approach to change the mind set of the program. This is exactly what we need. I for one couldn't be happier to have Weis leading our program into the future. After the disaster that was the Turner Gill era, this is a grand slam hire! Welcome to Kansas Coach Weis. We (alumni and true fans) couldn't be happier to have you.

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