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One person dead following all-terrain vehicle accident in field east of Baldwin City

Before any other post, everyone stop for a moment and consider the family and friends of someone who is now gone.

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City officials consider expanding parking garage planned at Lawrence Public Library

I agree with previous posters. Wasn't the T (which I'm not completely against, and yes I have used it ) supposed (in part) to decrease traffic congestion "downtown". Yet here we are getting ready to build a bigger parking garage.... to encourage people to drive downtown? This is unbelievable. As my mom used to scream at me "It's the stereo or the TV, not both"

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Holiday haikus 2010

Pearl pie in the oven
gray cat on counter top
black dog by the fire

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What's that thing on the 6News Towercam?

horizontally sliced Las Vegas show girl

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City planners, developers square off over proposal for Lowe's in northwest Lawrence

I'm not against a big box store, but I wonder if the original city plan for this site had this in mind, ...don't think so

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Chancellor: KU must hire researchers to achieve National Cancer Institute designation

I understand the importance of attaining this designation. While our university is trying to attract high powered research, I 'd like to see an emphasis on keeping our KUMC trained physicians right here in our state. Is the KUMC "mission" to train physicians to exit after training to flee to the coasts or large cities (after big money), or stay here and care for our tax-paying residents?

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Power returns after boom, brief outage in northern Lawrence

So I guess two hours is the new "brief"

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Another city commissioner raises concerns about proposed shelter location as threat of lawsuit looms

OK, I'll just come right out and say I'm from the left side, but... if we are going to coddle the homeless and take care of them, then there has to be a plan to get them out of their situation. I don't see this happening. Where is DCCCA, where is Bert Nash? Where are our taxes going?

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Community group holds forum in an effort to combat alcohol abuse

As a health care provider, I am happy to see this article. However, I just visited the DCCCA homepage and can't really understand the mission of the organization. Specifically, is there a fast track (or maybe better termed "crisis") access to services that I may refer clients to?

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KUMC trains physicians for rural areas

One more thing,
LaDonna is an awesome physician.

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