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Winter movie guide

As someone who has periodically struggled with a speech impediment for my whole life, I can tell you that I have no interest in watching this Colin Firth snorefest.

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Your life is an open Facebook

Very nice article. Really, the two viewpoints, while seemingly disparate, confirm the same idea--that Facebook is not at all private.

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Road-trip radio

For baseball fans, thoughtful analysis doesn't get any better than Rany Jazayerli's weekly 810am show "Rany on the Radio". The latest has him interviewing Lawrence's own Bill James:

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The Next Fest Thing

It actually doesn't sound all that hard to put on a music festival.

Maybe everybody should do it.

Very nice article--it's great that they asked the neighbors/locals first for permission.

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Author to share how she escaped extremist cult

This is compelling stuff. Great interview.

More like this please!

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Buried History

Wonderful story, dense with the rich history of a once troubled town.

Zacharias' storytelling acumen is something to behold, not to mention the humor--I was laughing (out loud) at several points in the audio clip! Readers of this story would be doing themselves a disservice by not listening to it (above, left margin).

Thanks Phil. And keep it up!

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Update: KU Libraries avails 1937 aerial image of Woodland Park

That's pretty fascinating. I didn't even know they had spy-satellites in 1937.

Seriously though, I love this, and would love to see the photos in even better detail. Seems like there are a lot of scribblings on there too.

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The Sumo Challenge

saggy diaper.....

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The old stone at Stony Point

Everyone should check out the audio clips from Letha and Danny as well...located in the middle of the article...really great insight into their lives, and greatly entertaining.

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