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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas


First I'd love to make millions of dollars EACH year! Secondly, I'd LOVE to make millions just for "resigning" from said job.

I'm just curious, since Mangino is so fat and happy with so much money per year...does he do ANYTHING to help the Lawrence economy? I'd love to do some business with him, at a premium price, of course.

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Sunflower Broadband drops two KC channels after stalled negotiations

In related news... Found in the Emporia Gazette: doubt this "news" story will make the LJ World.I looks like KTKA 49 out of Topeka (owned by....The World Company) is not going to be available to DISH subscribers.Wonder why?...I think the article mentioned the money was a factor. Sounds similar to what is happening with the KC ABC station.

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Gasoline tanker accident slows turnpike traffic

We drove by this accident shortly after it happened. Fortunately, we were on eastbound half of the highway.

The tanker truck was probably in the left lane because it just drove by the entrance ramp for the west Lawrence turnpike exchange and was allowing cars to enter onto the highway.

The gash was huge, and the amount of gas spewing was substantial. There was also so much traffic. Everyone was lucky there was not a fire.

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Teacher's case rare in Kansas

When I was in high school, during the early 1990s, there was a relationship between a girl and a math teacher. They are now married. Her father was head of the math dept, her mother head of the home ec dept. Reportedly the parents, girl, and teacher had a meeting to discuss how the relationship should proceed without causing problems. Not sure if other school officials were aware. Many students sure were.

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Yard art turning heads - at least until weather warms

Last night we watched a couple teenagers stop their van in front of our house, get out and kick our snowman over. After following them back to their apartment complex and a phone call to police, they were back in my yard putting it back together and apologizing to my 4 year old.

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Planning Commission to consider apartment plan

I'm with you Merrill!

Maybe the developer should buy some delapidated complexes and spend the money refurbishing them.

I also think builders should buy run down homes and refurbish them, instead of creating new cookie cutter neighborhoods where perfectly good streets have to be ripped up.

Lawrence absolutely does not need another apartment complex or new neighborhoods!

Also, how about some curbs for the streets in North Lawrence??



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Family's hopes rest in radical surgery

Gibson is a delightful, sweet boy and we wish him the best!

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Thinking inside the box

I like this photography concept and the pictures that were the result.

The photos are really interesting, I like how the body is absent and the focus is on the box and the head. What a difficult idea to convey within the parameters. I'm not sure what I would include to explain my take on spirituality.

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Concrete results: New house's efficiency is a stunning surprise for builder, who predicts 75 percent decrease in utility expenses

My home, as mentioned in the first post, is built with styrofoam on the outside and concrete poured down the middle. I believe that there is also rebar in the middle with the concrete. The styrofoam layers are connected, sort of like a hollow block, and are stacked on top of each to acheive the desired height/design. Then the concrete truck comes in to pour the concrete.

As for the finish, my interior walls have all the electrical, plumbing, cable. etc. that are normally found, but those trades used a chainsaw of sorts to create a channel in the styrofoam for those wires to 'run' in. Drywall is attached to the styrofoam and painted like any other house. I used picture hangers (nail with that hook thing) for alll my pictures, we used drywall anchors for anything requiring a screw.

As for my exterior walls, the builder used a concrete & recycled #1 plastic mixture for the siding. Stucco is also commonly used. Our house looks very normal.

My home is very sound proof, I live very close to the train tracks and we only hear them when in front of a window on the north side of our house. Our small children hardly notice them and aren't wakened by them in the night. :)

I'm told our house can withstand a direct hit from a F4 tornado and still be standing. I think the roof will rip off, but some hurricane rated roof anchors would probably fix that issue.

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Concrete results: New house's efficiency is a stunning surprise for builder, who predicts 75 percent decrease in utility expenses

I love my concrete house! My energy bills are very reasonable. If we move to another home, it will also be built using the ICF method (Styrofoam & concrete). I recommend this building method for anyone looking to build. It also comes at a reasonable building cost, so why not use this construction method?

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