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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

Just a nice picture of Elvis would be better!!!

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

I wish he would just stay away from Lawrence. If you have ever been around a presidental visit it jams everything up. I guess Lawrence is about the only real welcoming community in Kansas for this dumb-ocrat.

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City Commission to consider giving Lawrence's city manager $10,000 raise

As of March 27, 2013 the Vice president of the United States makes $231,900 per year.

Does a city Manager for Lawrence really deserve to make $140,000 per year.

We need to start somewhere so why dont we start at the community level. What has he done to bring jobs to Lawrence. All that I have seen in Lawrence is taxes raising, crazy amounts of public money being spent (Shelter, library and Recreation center). What percentage of taxpayers in Lawrence will use any of these 3 services. This city raises our taxes and does not bring anymore work to this area. We wonder why people are not moving into Lawrence and why we cannot sell our homes. There is no fiscal responsibility in this town. Yet we should give the city manager a raise??? I ask myself what has he done for us lately other than taking more of the money we work for?

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New gun control soon to be passed....

I believe this Blog to be totally incorrect. I recently traded 2 guns on craigslist and had the police come check them to make sure they were clean (not stolen) guns. I asked that if I trade these out again would it be possiable for the police to run the names of people that I might possiably trade these guns to. I wanted to make sure that I dont trade them to a felon or someone that should not have guns. I was told "We are not allowed to run the names for you to make sure it is ok". The police officer agreed that there should be a way for me to make sure that the people receiving the guns are allowed to have them.

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City approves $100K for shelter

Thank you for sharing your experience. It is about time a realist spoke on the subject.

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City approves $100K for shelter

How can this city keep throwing money around. You tax the crap out of us now people dont want to move here. Those of us here cant sell our homes because of the high taxes. You urinate our money to the homeless shelter just as the homeless urinate in the alleys downtown. The only thing this town is missing is an ocult compound that is finaced by Lawrence. I wont even start on the library in a Major University town that could have been a joint financial venture. Hey Lawrence lets use a little lube shall we. Oh yea Lawrence cant afford the Lube now.

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What did you think of the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’?

Then I guess things have changed since I was in. Are you National guard or RA.

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What did you think of the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’?

Never served our Country in the Military I see.

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What did you think of the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’?

They have no business being in the Infantry. I can see them being a REMF though.

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