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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

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January 16, 2015 at 10:41 p.m. ( )

Trucking company moving 120 jobs to Overland Park

I totally understand this Trucking Company pulling out of Topeka, because the Crime Rates are getting out of hand here. After I win my Lawsuit against the Director of Driver's Control, I'll go to Overland Park and put in my App for a Truck Driving job. So, YRC, don't move from Overland Park because I'll be there in a couple of months.

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Settlement reached in 2009 K-10 fatality

It is really ashame that his little girl had to be adopted out to strangers. Where were the family of this man? Well, at least his little girl will receive something for the loss of her daddy.

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Family of slain soldier offers reward for evidence

I hope and Pray they find the scum too. This soldier did not deserve to be killed. This soldier put his life on the Front Line to give his life for Americans to be FREE but he did not deserve to be killed while home. God, please find this killer and send the Authorities to arrest him. Thank you God for being with this soldier's family. Amen!

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Eudora man, 29, given probation term for string of burglaries

It is getting tough out there...I filed a Legal Mechanic Lien against a lesbian woman who refused to pay her mechanical bill and I got charged with Auto Theft. I agree that the Justice System is not right and somebody needs to stand up and do something before ALL Auto Mechanics and Tow Shops end up out of Business and the real crooks like this Burglar can walk away. Just not fair.

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Kansas Athletics Inc. has recovered almost $500K from tickets scandal

I would like to Praise the Lord for these people being caught and brought to Justice. I'm not a KU Fan (especially in Football) but I do not like to see them lose money from their Tickets. These Atheletes work hard every year to play and they deserve their Funds for Equipment that is needed every year.

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As number of Pearl Harbor veterans dwindles, area survivors hope to keep lessons of history alive

Does anybody know anything about the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor? My Uncle was 19 years old when Pearl Harbor was hit by the Japs and all the news the Navy sent back to my Grandma was that my Uncle was missing in action and presumed buried with the USS Arizona. I'd really like to know more about my Uncle. His name was Howard Emery. If you know anything, you can drop me a line at

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