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Friends and family gather for celebration of Jana Mackey's life

The ceremony was not private. 1100 people came to Liberty Hall to celebrate her life & those whose bosses would not let them off came to the Replay celebration.

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Jaycees happy with fireworks show at Sesquicentennial Point

I didn't get to see the fireworks. I've always been able to walk to them in the past. I wish we had better public transportation here.

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KU rejects proposal for beer sales in union

I would love to have a glass of wine when I eat at Improv (the Union's restaurant). Too bad KU takes a teetotaler stance. If people are taught responsibility and moderation there wouldn't be so much binging. It is, despite the Provost's opinion, possible to enjoy a drink or two without getting behind the wheel (we have Safe Ride!) and/or binging.

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Barbecue joint ready to move into old Bucky's location

Good news! I love Biemer's.

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Suspect in killing commits suicide

Why is it assumed it wasn't Jana who beat him up? For as warm & fun as she was she also was tall, strong, & audacious. I am sure she kicked ass when necessary.

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