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Iwig Family Dairy offering shares in company to avoid foreclosure

Iwig milk is the best around. I visited the dairy last week and there is more to this story. About a half a year or so ago there was a fight between Monsanto and small Kansas dairies concerning the labeling of rbGH (SB 595). Reporters, please contact the Iwig’s and ask them to explain the connection between the Monsanto employee that recently got a job at some state department/agency and the Iwig’s bank loan.

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Fed accountability

Folks, this bill is really important. It is only fair that if the IRS can audit the people, then the people, through congress, should have the right to audit the federal reserve. What is Rep. Moore thinking?

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Come together: Lawrence Reunion gathers music, art community from early ’90s heyday

Salty Iguanas, Lonesome Houndogs , Monterey Jack, Bastard Squad and the original Omega parties...that was the 90's.

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Bank power

And from the latest Bob Chapman article:The Fed now acts as our private British Mercantilist bankers, and it is owned by both US and European Illuminist interests, with the European interests being the same banking families and families of Black Nobility who have been attempting to retake America since the Revolutionary War, and who will stop at nothing to make America their oyster again. For his insolence in rejecting the European bankers and their co-conspirators among the Black Nobility, President Lincoln was assassinated. On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy attempted to do the same thing as President Lincoln with his Executive Order 11110, that would have put the Fed out of business, and thus suffered a similar fate. The assassinations of President's Garfield and McKinley, as well as the attempted assassinations of Andrew Jackson, were all directly tied to their stand against private international bankers and their conspiracy to take over our financial system. Will Barack Obama also go maverick on the Fed and risk assassination to save our nation? It would be nice to think so, but we doubt it. On the other hand, if that's why he is using Lincoln's Bible, then we, of course, enthusiastically say: GO FOR IT!!!

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Bank power

Yes our elected leaders sold out the country back in 1913. Nixon took us off of the gold standard entirely in 1971. Our fiat currency is dying. The End The Fed movement is growing:

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Brownback makes it official: He won't seek re-election to U.S. Senate

At least both he and Boyda voted against the banker bailout. Maybe he voted against it because he knew he wasn't going to run again and thus decided to vote for what the people wanted?

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Melting Arctic Ocean opens shipping frontier

But then there is this:Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered"A comparison of these maps (derived from NSIDC data) below shows that Arctic ice extent was 30 per cent greater on August 11, 2008 than it was on the August 12, 2007.""The media tendency to knee-jerkingly blame everything on "global warming" makes for an easy story - but it is not based on solid science."

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Court's ruling squanders US habeas rights

"Will the dead be wrapped in a copy of the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling granting foreign detainees, whose mission is to destroy our Constitution..." What? Since 911 the constitution has been under attack by our OWN federal government. Has Cal looked up the Patriot act or the John Warner defense act? We are closer to martial law than we have ever been. The 4th amendment is getting attacked by all of the allowed Telco spying. Good luck with you freedom of speech around Bush. You cannot hold an antiwar sign anywhere near him. Folks in Iowa flood towns are having their homes busted into by cops, where is the privacy? Is it worth giving up our constitutional rights for security from the eternal enemy called terrorism? The cold war is over so we need a new enemy to keep the military-industrial complex money rolling. Of course we will never be able to beat an undefined enemy. But we can seem to give up our rights, go broke in the process, and feel safe from the unknown enemy.

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Vaccine action

Good job Linda.

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Sebelius speculation heats up

And of course, here is another reason....she is attending Bilderberg this weekend. Bilderberg is the international meeting where world government is planned for the next year. She was there last year too. When she comes back, see if she states specifically what was discussed. She will not. None of them will.Official 2008 Bilderberg Participant List:

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