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Marriage threats

I think he already made his level of competence clear with that comment about making divorces unobtainable "no matter how dysfunctional, unhappy or unfulfilling the marriage". Yeaaaah, that will certainly help lower instances of spousal abuse and improve the home lives of children in those families...

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Look! Up in the sky! It's Supermoon! Due Saturday

"But no matter how far away a full moon is, it's not going to make people kill themselves or others, commit other crimes, get admitted to a psychiatric hospital or do anything else that popular belief suggests, a psychologist says."

That's funny. I thought statistics showed there is in fact an uptick in crime during full moons.

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Fire near Ninth and Missouri streets causes an estimated $15,000 in damage

I disagree. Ninth Street isn't some short lane. It runs quite a distance. More accurate proximity should have been given. I clicked the story thinking there was a fire downtown.

...'Course maybe that's exactly what the JW was hoping.

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Scam in Lawrence area involves so-called tech-support call about computer viruses

I think his point was that an attempt at scamming him would end up with egg on the face of the perpetrator when they pretend to be a support person monitoring a PC that doesn't run their operating system.


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Sound Off: Where are public tornado shelters located in Lawrence?

Speaking of the library, wouldn't the basement level of the current library make a great tornado shelter?

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Sound Off: Where are public tornado shelters located in Lawrence?

Nevertheless it's still very amusing you seem to be better informed that the actual Emergency Management Director.

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Fire on Barker Ave. likely caused by heat gun

Bad connection on a heating coil, perhaps?

How was the fire inside the wall when the paint stripping was on an exterior wall?

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Town Talk: Lender seeks ownership of Lawrence Athletic Club over default of $2.4 million loan; New York real estate trust buys downtown property; more on chickens and art

If you're complaining a piece of art has no free-market value, I'm afraid you fail horribly at understanding what Fine Art if all about.

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Police respond to shots fired in west Lawrence early Sunday

Yeah, that would be bad.
People might have options other than putting up with Aberdeen, then.

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