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Style Scout: Mingtian Zhao

Am I seriously supposed to believe those pants are fashionable?

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Lawrence man, among the few ticketed for Fourth of July fireworks, awaits his day in court

Here's an idea then...

Instead of making a law against fireworks, lets make a law against littering and a law against destruction of property. That way, the police can ticket him for the actual harm he does and people who use their fireworks in a safe and considerate manner can continue to.

Oh, wait! You mean we already have laws against those things?

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City commissioners to consider final approvals for Menards project

“But all of the conversations I’ve had about trying to steer companies to what we think are better locations out west have fallen on deaf ears,” Dever said. “They tell us that they’re not interested in being pioneers. I don’t think they’re going to be interested in that area until we have more development out there.”

Sounds like a classic cache-22.

To get more development out there, you need businesses to locate there, but businesses wont locate there because there isn't more development.

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Power restored, no life-threatening injuries, in Wednesday night accident near Eudora

Westbound lanes were shut down, too. I was driving home from work in Lenexa and had to take a scenic detour over country roads and two railroad crossings. Ended up on 15th Street.

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Cable outage reported in West Lawrence

And nothing of value was lost.

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Lawrence man punched in face by stranger on Massachusetts Street

This reads like one of those headlines from the 100 year old story archives. "Man punched on Massachusetts Street" only it wasn't a dispute over a horse (or maybe it was, they didn't tell us much about this woman he was trying to talk to).

Hey, LJW, I hear one of those newfangled automobiles stalled on 23rd Street. Better grab your notepads and get out there.

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migration test 1

This has as much investigative content as most LJWorld stories I've read as of late.

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

I find this comment really amusing, since generally college students are supposed to be the poor ones. But I know what you really meant was "college students who have their well-off parents paying their way".

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Town Talk: Local Burger looking for new Lawrence location; local veggie burger firm signs national deal with Whole Foods; homeless shelter update; lots of numbers on proposed rec complex

LOL @ Kickstarter fund for Local Burger.

If it wasn't enough that every business wants a 10-year tax abatement, now they expect everyone to pay for the actual restaurant for them as well.

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

I believe they have 90 days to file for the Supreme Court to hear the case. I might be wrong though since I got that information by reading the article.

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