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How far did you have Kansas going in your NCAA bracket?

I'm fillimg mine out as the tournament progresses, so I have them playing for the championship.

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FINAL: KU pushes past Ohio State, 64-62, to advance to championship game

Correction: we "were not" projected to win the conference.

Wish we could edit posts to correct typogrsphical erors on this site.

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FINAL: KU pushes past Ohio State, 64-62, to advance to championship game

And we were even "supposed" to win the the Big 12 this year.

Who'd a thunk it?

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Legislature adjourns after budget meltdown; goes on break

So they're just walking away from an unfinished job?


They shouldn't receive any pay or other compensation when this session runs over the limit.

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Do you think moving in together before marriage will later prevent divorce?

Who comes up with these stupid questions?

What possible importance does my or anyone else's opinion have regarding the subject?

Surely there are myriads of scientifically based studies that are more relevant than an LJW random poll.

Suggestion for next question: "When you see the color red is it the same color that someone else sees".

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Bob Dole honored for practicing lost art of compromise

Bob Dole wouldn't win a primary election in Kansas in this day. He'd be roundly renounced as a "RINO" by the extreme right wing that has taken over the Repub party at the caucus level.

Didn't much care for his rightist views myself back in the late 60s and early 70s, but as previously noted, he rose above partisanship and actively worked for progressive legislation to make this country better.

Wish we had a lot more like him in office today.

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Tight end up for grabs at Kansas

My pick for "Headline of the Day".

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Former defense secretary Rumsfeld visits Fort Leavenworth

Career military officers are actually (usualy) a bunch of pretty intelligent folks.Many of them have advanced degrees and can think for themselves.

Even when Rummy was their "boss" many of them felt he was full of **it.

Don't sell them short.

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Lawrence reptile, amphibian expert dies at age 72

I worked for Joe (back then we called him Tom) in 1976-77 at the Natural History Museum. Since then I've been a co-author on several publications with him.

I've considered him a friend for all these years and a tremendous advocate for natural history awareness in Kansas.

I'll miss him greatly but I'll be comforted by the fact that his knowledge and enthusiasm will live on through his published works and mentored students.

RIP Joe! You will not be forgotten.

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Former Sen. Bob Dole to be first named to Kansas Walk of Honor

make that "denounced", my mistake.

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