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Should university professors be able to say anything they want on social media?

After senator Wagle's witch hunt at KU a few years ago I'm surprised that ANY professor at a state university would dare to step a toe outside of the very conservative milieu surrounding public education.

It ain't right, mind you, but it just seems prudent in todays political climate.

But WAIT, aren't college professors supposed to provide an intellectually challenging environment for their students?

Just glad I got my degree here 30 some years ago when this social straightjacket wasn't in place.

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Local priests praise selection of Argentine cardinal as new pope

Ah, I see that hating on Catholics is still one of the last accepted forms of bigotry in this country.

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Court staffer suspended over Kline tweets

"The tweets were posted Thursday during a Kansas Supreme Court hearing deciding whether Kline’s law license should be indefinitely suspended for his conduct during investigations of abortion providers. The comments appeared around 10 a.m. Thursday when Kline was standing before the seven-member court"

"During" and "when" kind of read that way.

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Court staffer suspended over Kline tweets

Maybe she should have just been doing her Dam job instead of messing around with her phone.

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Fact check: Flunking geography, history in final presidential debate

Entiltled kids don't have to learn no stinkin' Geography, not even if they are running for leadership of the USA!

At least that's what I told Mom back in the 6th grade :-)

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Students arriving at KU this week

Meant Country club week.


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Students arriving at KU this week

Aaahh, Hawk week.

Early 70's and school concerns would wait a week.

Could drink beer at 18 - the Bierstube, the Hawk, the Wheel, Mothery Mary's (if you had a car), the Sanctuary if you could stand the frats , less stringent DWI criteria! Walk to the armory for a dance and keggar - try and beg a ride back.

Those were the days of youth and reckless abandon.

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DUI fatalities drop sharply in wake of recent law

"Texas marksman" fallacy.

Should have learned that in any higher level statistics course.

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What is the first album you ever remember owning?

"Rubber Soul" was the first LP. I think either "Dark Side of the Moon" or Steely Dan's "Gaucho" would have been the first CDs, replacing old vinyl in my collection.

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