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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushes faith mentors for state prison inmates

Sounds like a way for him to get his favorite Holy Men on the state's payroll...

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KDOT commits $192 million to complete South Lawrence Trafficway

Deja vu all over again... I feel like I've read this thread before?

Build the SOB. 130% of the existing wetlands have been built to replace them. Less congestion = less emissions.

But, Brownback had nothing to do w/ this transportation plan. It was drawn up years ago, only the funding has been released now. So he is still a hypocrite for taking any credit for it now.

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Do you think the city should allow the use of artificial turf in landscaping for businesses and apartment complexes?

I vote no. I used to live in a house that was more than slightly affected by increased runoff from increased development. It's all about the millionaires trying to get out of some basic maintenance.. If you can't swing those costs, don't build it.

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KPERS perk for legislators gets little discussion by legislators as they consider sweeping changes

Another case of these disgusting hypocrites thinking they are special and better than other state workers. Just like when the salary cut was bandied about for every state worker except for their priceless aides. The work they did (things I would imagine like making copies, coffee and posting on message boards like this one arguing their lame points for their bosses) was said to be far too important to be included in any pay cut. That was only to be applied to lowly teachers, police, highway workers, etc.

Why aren't the new members clamoring for a 401K style plan for themselves to set the example for the lowly state workers? They are such geniuses, surely they could do better than what KPERS could provide for them and show others how it's done. Like a general who leads his troops from the front.

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Kansas Legislature begins annual spring break

Don't be afraid to postpone your little vacation and tie up those little loose ends for us lowly people of KS. Lots of time until the fiscal year starts on 7/1 I guess...

We are all supposed to tighten our belts- why can't they at least work a few hours in April?


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Driver arrested for OUI, reckless driving after crashing into optometry clinic at Sixth Street and Lawrence Avenue

everbody who never had the car get out of controle of them wen going thru ther wil unnerstand how wen u r going 60 and u r smokd and that ligt change an everbody stops short their aint nothing u can do too stop it exsept pull er rite thx god there babby moma got that txt and no's evrbody ok in the ccar cuz no0body woulda ben drinking cuz i didnt give him the $

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Statehouse Live: House Appropriations advances state employee pay cut; exempts support staff

I hope this will be the dumbest post I read all week, but I'm probably wrong. If this was sarcasm and I missed it, I apologize, but here we go:

1- Who do you think pays private contractors to perform work for the state? It comes from tax dollars, meaning private contractors cost YOU more money.

2- Do you realize state employees pay the same taxes as everyone else?

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CNN refers to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback as 'Kansas Gov. Sam Brownstone'

wy wood anyone make fun of kansas wen everbody is smart as you and you think just cuz you no what is goud for everbody else and cuz you no everboidy that drive a foren car like a honda or toyata or dodge dont no how 2 drive anyway cuz you say you no what is good for all us peeps that live in kansas dont no what is good for us les brownstone tels us what we shood do anyway

Not making fun of Kansas- I am a taxpaying, long time, hard working, sick of being felt like I am being ripped of by a bunch of crooks, tax paying Kansan who has more than paid my dues and my share... But suddenly have never felt more ripped off before...

These dudes are crooks- and just want more power and money.

We've been dancin' w/ Mr. Brownstone.

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