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God’s creation

The essence of the scientific method:

1) The universe is deterministic. It obeys a set of rules, consistently.
2) Observation and Reason are sufficient to determine these rules.
3) All things being equal, a simpler explanation is a better one.
4) Any valid explanation should be able to predict future results, and failure to predict will invalidate the explanation.

As a Scientist (in training) and an Atheist, I must reject your compromise. Not only does it violate the core principles of science, I do not wish to start with the idea of a supernatural creator already assumed.

If the evidence uncovered leads to conclusive proof, then so be it and I will accept it. But that proof must be uncovered and stand on it's own.

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God’s creation

The beginning of Time was the moment of the Big Bang which was 14 Billion +/- 500 million years ago. Humans did not exist in the biological sense until 200,000 years ago, and in the behavioral sense until 50,000 years ago.

The biblical record is at most 6000 years old, therefore it is impossible for god to have communicated with humans since the beginning of time.

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God’s creation

Here it is in language NOT for a 3rd grader, but someone with a bit of understanding about aerodynamics :

Here is the Wikipedia article with citations about the history of this particular misconception of the way of science.

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Every month in 2012 in Lawrence has been hotter than average

Or, could it also be that average temperature data is only easily available from 1981 on, due to digital records being kept?

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Every month in 2012 in Lawrence has been hotter than average

No. On a rolling average, the earth shows a warming trend over the past 100 years. If you do an average over the last 10, the earth shows a cooling trend.

Bear in mind though, that those numbers represent a GLOBAL, EARTH SCALE MEASUREMENT. They do NOT reflect the specific region we happen to live in.

This region of the country shows a sharp trend towards less rainfall and hotter temperatures. Hell, Home Depot is selling different plants than they used to because of the shift in climate.

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Science standards face review by Kansas school board

Darwin doesn't matter?

I would say the evolution of multi-drug-resistant TB and Staph, which is confirmation of, and based on, Darwin's ideas, makes it kind of important that we understand how living things change over time.

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Science standards face review by Kansas school board

So, what then is the testable hypothesis within the creationist argument?

One "test" of evolution would be the existence of "Ring Species". A branching of a species around a physical barrier (mountain range, body of water) where at one end of the chain, breeding is possible, and at the other it is not.

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Death with dignity

"There is nothing dignified about death, the only dignity is in living well."
I disagree. Death is a marker of time. How we meet that end, and how we lived before, are what shows who we are as a person. Dignity, is living and dieing as we ourselves see fit. Not others, not governments, not doctors.

"No rational being chooses death. By definition, a desire to die is irrational and not only need not be respected but, for the good of the person, ought not be respected. "
I also disagree. Any being who is rational is in control of their life and actions, even if that leads to ending their existence. The sacrifice of oneself for others is considered heroic, and a quality that is amongst the highest a human can posses. And the ULTIMATE expression of that is to lay down your life for another, or for an idea that you believe in. That is a rational decision to die.

"Life isn't always pleasant, but its all we've got. Death is the ultimate evil - it strips us completely and permanently of our personhood. Embracing nothingness to avoid fear or pain is not the answer."

And once again,. I disagree. Death is not the ultimate evil. Everyone, and everything around you, will die. Our only option as rational beings is how we live and how we die. If my choice is between months or years of emotional and physical pain, both for myself and those around me, or falling asleep in a garden listening to the sound of a thunderstorm one last time, I know which one I would pick.

But, and here is the really really really important point. That's what I, and I alone would pick. Not you, not a doctor, not the government, not anyone. You are free to make your own choice, and have no interference. I would ask the same.

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One person critically injured in accident just west of Lawrence

Parrothead, it was further east than where Peterson bends into folks. It was just past the turnoff for Martin Park.

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One person critically injured in accident just west of Lawrence

The car was westbound on Peterson when it veered off the road. The car ended up in a group of of trees, in my front yard, and the impact stopped the car. The driver easy taken out on life watch about 20 minutes ago.

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