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Sound Off: This summer, crews from Sunflower Paving were tearing out and replacing curbing along Six

I agree with Merrill. I can't believe I just said that.

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Group says a number of Kansas Republicans support legislation authorizing the arrest of federal officials who implement Obamacare

What's wrong with you democrats? The government has not even passed a budget in 4 years. We are running trillion dollar deficits every year. You can't point to one government run program that is financially solvent, much less one that isn't riddled with massive fraud.

What makes you believe this is a good idea? We can't pay for it plain and simple! Take a second from your childish little remarks about how stupid republicans are and how smart you elite liberals are and explain a couple things.

Will just one of you snide democrat/liberals on this forum explain to me why you think government should be providing these services for us and please tell me what is Obama's plan to fix this countries financial statement???? Make your little comments but Obama has no plan, which in my book is the dumbest thing going right now. So continue your fashionable bashing of republicans but don't forget to look in the mirror because you blindly follow this president that has no clue how to get the economy going. Face the facts, it's been over 4 years.

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Moran, Jenkins elected to leadership Republican positions

More stupid then a rock? That would be the democratic party that gives out entitlements in exchange for votes. That would be the democratic party that spends a trillion dollars more then it takes in each year. That would be a president that covers up terrorist attacks in order to secure his re-election. The democratic party that doesn't care about the condition of the country as long as they stay in power.

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Town Talk: City to have public meeting on proposed sports complex; speculation that Fritzel will get to build $25M rec center without going through city bid process; ugly sweaters coming to downtown

Why do we keep electing these democrats downtown. Talk about the good ol boy network..... They keep screwing things up left and right.

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