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What it takes to be a firefighter

"pity2bu (Anonymous) says:

The city and county financed it, regardless what the union says. They are not going to pay to have this put on for anyone. Someone just wanted a feather in his hat, as you can see by the invitees.

You and Colt 45 need to start a study group and get your facts straight before blogging. I've done mine."

Great pity2bu, then you won't mind providing how you got your "facts" on this.

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What it takes to be a firefighter

Talk about getting off topic. Fatty, what's your point? Your comment has nothing to do with the article.

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Scooters a popular transportation choice for economic reasons and fun

Pywacket, more motorcyclists are killed by inattentive drivers that turn left in front of the motorcycle (or scooter) than anything else. Just because you don't like motorcycles doesn't mean I can't ride one.

Hang up the phone and pay attention to what's going on around you.

As for the helmet people, you don't have to wear a helmet in this state to ride a motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter. It is up to the individual. They have to right to make that choice. Should they wear a helmet? Yes. Do I wear a helmet? Yes, every time I ride. Should I think the lawmakers need to make that choice for me? No.

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Alcohol contributed to crash, police say

What's missing from this story? Let's play Mad Libs:

Teen is in his first year at (University name). Teen drinks to much (alcoholic beverage) and crashes his (brand of car) into a (immovable object). Teens buddies are taken by (type of emergency vehicle) to (hospital name) with (adjective) injuries.

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Police suspect no foul play in death at Yello Sub

Consumer 1, why wouldn't they report it? It's a factor that may have lead to the cause of his death. While under the influence of drugs and alcohol, people are known to make bad decisions and have reduced coordination.

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Bike races

b3, I'm starting to think you shouldn't be on the road. Other than you stirring the pot, can you tell me a good reason why a mode of transportation shouldn't be on the road?

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Bike races

The above comment about motorcycles weaving down the centerlane is called lane splitting. I think it's only legal in CA, but man would I love for it to be legal here. There's also no weaving involved. It's straight down the line and traffic has to be moving under a certain speed.

Back on topic. I used to train with Police On Bikes and the Internation Police Mountain Bike Association. We would ride two abreast because of several reasons. First, it's safer. It gets the bike out of the gutter where all the debris is. Second, it's a bigger visual "target" (for lack of a better word). The cars are able to see you.
We would ride as a pack of 12 or more sometimes. We would stop at a stop sign as a group, then the entire group would proceed though the intersection, as a pack. Trust me, you would rather it be done that way. As it was said earlier, it would take forever for every bike to stop and start, staggering the pack slowing traffic even more.

On the garden hose subject. I would always knock on the door and ask first. If nobody answered, I'd go ahead an fill my water bottle. I know that people are basically good natured, and probably wouldn't mind me getting a drink. It really sucks when it's hot and you run out of water.

With gas prices going up, you are going to see more bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles. Smartcars may be entering the picture too. It might be time to come to the conclussion that cars aren't the only things on the road. Vehicles are going to get smaller, hopefully not slower. Everybody "owns" an equal share of the road. And, when you crest a hill, expect to find a cow, deer, stalled mini-van, accident scene, godzilla, or even a bicycle.

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Plan ahead: Cycling race to close roads

It's one weekend out of your life, get over it you lazy self righteous $#%^#$%^. You people remind me of that grumpy old man, standing on his porch yelling "get off my lawn!" Think about it, I mean REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. How much do these races really inconvienence you. I'm going to take a stab and say, not much.

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Pickup crashes into sorority; driver flown to hospital

Tot, you went to the ER for a migraine and you're complaining because they treated you and sent you home? Did you think it was going to be free? Next time, go see your doctor. That's what most people do.

As for themiddlechild's slit wrist comment. Yeah right. If you believe that, I've got some swamp land in North Lawrence to sell you.

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Fire chief says more trucks needed

Let's see if we can analyze some of these questions.

Why didn't the Chief ask for new trucks earlier?
He has only been the Chief for the last two years.

Why do fire trucks go on medical calls?
Because it's determined by what the caller is complaining of. Based on the severity of the complaint, more than two people may be needed to handle the situation. The dispatcher has a series of questions they have to ask. The answers help to determine who goes on that call. There is also only one Paramedic on the ambulance, usually another is on the fire truck. The reason there is one on the fire truck is so they can respond to your house if the ambulance that serves your area is already on a call. You'll most likely never see two fire trucks on a medical call. Usually it's one ambulance for minor medicals, an ambulance and a fire truck for more advanced medicals, and sometimes a Battalion Chief will respond to help out and oversee the call. Then, if someone gets flown to another hospital, you will see another fire truck respond to set up a landing zone. Don't forget, these fire trucks also have to drive around town to do inspections on all the businesses and apartments, plus all the training they have to do. These trucks are getting more use. the number of calls they have to go on continues to grow every year.

What about the statues?
Ask the city, I think a percentage of the cost of building has to go to art. Seriously.

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