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Concept plan for 5K, 10K trails at Rock Chalk Park emerges

Lawrence is so elitist, and becoming even more so. I cannot believe that you have closed the East Lawrence Rec Center due to lack of funds, yet contemplate building more and more for those on the west side (and don't tell the children to "ride the bus" out there)

The gap between the haves and the have nots continues to grow wider in Lawrence. How very sad.

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Lawrence school board to seek $92.5 million bond issue

I sincerely hope that the elementary school improvements are made, enabling the neighborhood school system to continue. Closing smaller schools and incorporating is a HUGE mistake, evidenced by countless studies.

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Do you think the public should have the opportunity vote on the proposed rec center?

Why are most things in your town for the elite? I cannot believe how much it costs for a child to play soccer or baseball. (yes, I know they have "scholarships") Maybe it's so pricey because you do not have a YMCA?

Now, a recreation center is desired which will be placed in the WESTERN more elite part of town. This really prohibits a lot of lower income people from being able to take advantage of the facility. Not everyone has a car, or can afford extra gasoline to drive across town. It is certainly not safe for a child to ride a bike to the center.

I realize that there are many wonderful, inexpensive or free activities in your lovely village. However, many things there reek of elitism, and I think that the location of this faciilty just plain stinks.

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Cyclist suffers critical injuries after being struck by SUV

Praying for a full recovery.
Everyone does need to slow down. The roadways in this town can be scary if you are on a bicycle, on foot, or even in a vehicle.

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Do you think New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the right call in cancelling the New York City Marathon?

You are so right. My husband is in NYC right now and it is really worse than what we see. Portable toilets were moved for the marathoners, forcing Staten Islanders to use the woods, heaters were removed, the newly homeless were booted from motel rooms etc etc.
The decision should have been made many days ago.

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Do you have any friends or family affected by Superstorm Sandy?

My brother-in-law watched his car float away on FDR Drive, Manhattan.

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Have you known someone who has lived to 100 or older?

I used to choose library books for the homebound in our town. One of the ladies on my list was 105, and she lived at home alone! Her 84 year-old son used to go by and check on her
daily. Amazing....

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Report doubts low-risk view of Kansas biohazard lab

Excellent and very valid points made here about the need to keep this lab out of Kansas. Oh how I wish the decision-makers had the intelligence to see this logic.

Something quite important has not been mentioned here yet: the lab will eventually study DEADLY HUMAN diseases such as ebola.

For you pro-lab people, do you really want that in your backyard???

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Several major changes in Kansas alcohol regulations becoming law

I so agree with mommatocharlie. With so much abuse of alcohol, why do anything to make it more available???

To those who think I am nuts...I lost both of my grandfathers to drunk drivers. I am not some nutty teetotaler. I agree with my 85-year-old mother: legalize marijuana and make alochol illegal. (and no, she has NO personal experience with either one!)

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