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Doctor: Wichita hospitals perform unnecessary tests, surgery

They should have been investigating Dr. Galachia in Wichita . For many years he has done unnecessary tests and surgeries. My dear friend's father had the same procedure many times, and eventually died because of it. Remember, medical mistakes annually kill more people than auto accidents and gunshots combined. Something needs to change drastically.

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Plans for 10-acre city park could include unique fitness option

Lawrence is so elitist it is disgusting. Do only those living in the west deserve everything? It seems that there is already a very adequate system of walking trails, as mentioned in the article. How about using the funding for something really lacking in Lawrence .....perhaps sports leagues for those in senior high, the ages when youth are really at risk and need activities.

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Restaurant featuring chili and tamale pie set to open in downtown Lawrence

Is there a "heat level" for a gringo? Asking for a friend.

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Fast-food hamburger restaurant, with a Mexican twist, coming to 23rd Street

Um, I wouldn't really describe JITB as having a "Mexican twist", unless you are twisting towards the water closet. Have you had one of their tacos? Similar to the frozen ones of the dangerous variety. The Mexican fast foods have nothing to fear from this Tex-Mex offering.

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Kris Kobach enters 2018 race for Kansas governor

omg.....yet another Koch sucker trying to continue Brownback's legacy of destruction and sorrow. Kansans, you MUST use criteria other than abortion stance to choose your leaders! The pre-birthers care only about life before birth. Do you really believe that the life of a fetus is more important than that of a sick or starving child? Please educate yourselves on issues and make YOUR decision based on reality rather than "the way our family has always voted." Not all the cattle in Kansas are four-legged.

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Man convicted in 1986 crash that killed family of 5 charged in new drunken driving case

This is beyond disgusting. Crimes that involve theft/money/pot can have a much longer sentence than those involving the death of a human being or multiple human beings. Our "justice " system needs some serious changes.

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6-year-old Lawrence boy shoots self in foot while playing with gun, police say

Every day approximately 91 people are killed by guns in the US. On the average day, eight children are killed by a gun. I just ordered my "no guns allowed' sign for my door. Many many years ago when my children were young, they were not allowed to visit a home where guns were present. Anyone who thinks more guns added to the mix will "fix things" needs educating.
Please be part of the solution, not the problem. Less guns = more life.

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After DIY skate park is dismantled, skaters look to other options

It would be so wonderful if Lawrence would create recreational space for those who live in areas where the youth need it most. Your city lacks a YMCA which could provide opportunities for the lower income families which DO reside in your city. The East Lawrence Rec Center is nice, but small and limited in offerings. Frankly, your town's "western" elitism stinks.

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Signs that a large chain fabric store is coming to town; Kansas community has best Main Street in USA, and it is not Lawrence

I've only been to Emporia once; in 1971 with my soon-to-be husband and our friend Richard. We went to explore going to Emporia State, but ended up going to the Frank Zappa movie, 200 Motels and then to a really cool park. Now that was a long strange trip....

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Robots, yoga, veggie smoothies coming to Lawrence schools through new grants

Little based toward the elite schools.

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