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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

Weis needs hip surgery --that will hurt getting organized and recruiting.

Too bad he is not healthy but that happens when you do not take care fo yourself.

At the end of the day "Name recognition" does not win games.

It takes hard work and recruiting.

If you are not healthy (HIP) then it is going to be very hard to turn the program around.

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New day, new faces: Rumors, uncertainty abound in KU coaching search’s 11th day

+1 --Agree --you do not fire Gill without having the new coach committed to KU.

Steve Peterson pulled this fiasco at Nebraska and ended up with Callahan.

Zenger organization skills are in question here.

Let's build the program with KU guys.

Outsiders will go and go --we need a KU guy who will stay long term!

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Ex-KU AD lauds Sheahon Zenger’s approach

Zenger should have never fired Gill until he had a replacement committed to KU.

Zenger thought he had Leech and lost.

Now he must scramble like Steve Peterson had to do at Nebraska.

At this stage of the game Zenger is competing with 10 or so other schools for coaches.

Note to Zenger --Not smart to fire current coach until a new coach is committed.

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