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Lawmaker wants to make sure schools don't use state tax money to sue Legislature

Regarding State Sen. Dick Kelsey, R-Goddard, saying it didn’t seem right for school districts to “sue us with our own money.”

News flash Kelsey, it's not your money. It's the people's money. If you can't adhere to the law then we have every right to take you to court with our money.

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Group: More than education, schools offer community

Why do some think Cordley should be closed. Admittedly, I don't know all the facts, but from what I can tell, the following seems to be true:
When the school board was deciding which school to close (Cordley or Centennial), they chose Centennial, stating that any structural/facility issues at Cordley were not that big a deal.
Since then, the Cordley neighborhood has flourished with young families and the school is now at capacity.
If you look at the population of grades, clearly there is a bubble rising from the youngest grades up, indicating increased enrollment still to come at Cordley.
Cordley and its diverse population boast one of the best records for bridging the achievement gap.
Somebody explain why of all the schools in Lawrence would Cordley be on the chopping block?

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Sorry I'm late

Funny, I often have some of the same explanations when I end up running late. Hearing it coming from somebody else, they just sound like shallow excuses. Does it sound so lame and whiny when I try to justify (at least to myself) my tardiness?

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Starbucks job cuts to affect Kansas stores

Whether it's Starbucks or anywhere else, this is how the eroding economy feeds on itself. If they close Starbucks, those employees can no longer afford to spend as much in Lawrence as they did. And yes, xbusguy, that will eventually affect you as well, whether you own your own business and start having fewer customers or if you clean toilets and your employer has to start laying people off. Not saying you should buy expensive coffee if you don't want it, but you should look beyond your own cup.

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Did you shovel your sidewalk Tuesday?

My neighborhood is great about clearing our walks and helping elderly neighbors with theirs. There is a house that a JoCo parent bought his kid who lives there with 3 of his buddies. Poor guys are busy with college and apparently can't afford a snow shovel. Probably have bad backs and allergies to sweating. Should we establish a fund to help such underprivileged youth with clearing their sidewalks?

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Despite lawsuit, district pursues field financing

Admittedly, I'm learning of this late in the process. It seems reasonable to me that the people who live near LHS would be concerned about the impact. My question is this: Is there any reason why they can't build the practice fields at each high school and use the money it would take to build the two stadiums to instead build one sports complex? Many surrounding districts have their high schools share a main facility and it works well.

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Kansas shakes off Texas Tech woes

Nice story, but what gives with all the misspellings at Channel 6 - especially in the headlines? I hope it's a techie who is responsible and not a journalist.

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How much do you think the city should charge for recycling?

Option #1: Have it be a charge from the city in addition to trash collection, which will encourage more recycling if people are already paying for it.
Option #2: $10/month

Is wysiwyg69 serious or yanking our chains? If serious, sounds like the "W"hackos who think they should do anything they want to rape the world for today's profit... who cares about the future since we won't be here and the rapture will surely come before then. Hopefully wysiwyg69 won't procreate so he won't have any little rednecks running around to care about their future.

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Marked man

Every comment is about the kid's tattoos. I hope he stays healthy and enjoys his senior year. Let's just accept the reality that he probably got his tattoos to express his individuality... just like everyone else.

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City slowdown

... and the population of Lawrence is...?

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