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Dole Institute's summer events include Battle of Gettysburg panel, Dole birthday celebration

Can't go, but I hope they play it online like the post election talk. Would love to see it.

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Longtime military man Randy Masten enters school board race

In the past, the board has put off the difficult decisions that eventually led them to have to be a reactionary bunch. If Masten could lead them toward a long-term planning mindset then that would be quite an accomplishment.

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Heard on the Hill: Grading journalists in a post-Bubba world; Mizzou, not KU, makes 'Druggiest College' list; reader says Self should Skype with troops

Andy, regarding the two options you offer for responses to the media's handling of Bubba, they're not mutually exclusive. The answer is the media should report the news. It was news that Bubba was a candidate. It was not news that he was coming. If anyone reported that it was a done deal, then they should have egg on their face. And for those who say journalists aren't culpable because so many others were reporting he was coming - that's a load of crap. Journalists should never be reporting something as fact unless they can independently verify it themselves. Cow-like groupthink has no place in the world of journalism. Otherwise, what value do those herd-mentality "journalists" add?

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Rollerwarriors "Extremely Frank" and "Hail Mary"

Nice job on the videos. Great photos.

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District weighs budget options

areyousure - I'm sure you realize a major reason growth has increased in those directions is because schools have been built out there. When Langston Hughes was built, there was not the need for classrooms in that area, but the people who did live there wanted their own NEIGHBORHOOD school. And the rest of us supported it.

Regarding your suggestion that closing schools is an alternative to closing programs, please explain your reasoning. Even the administration and board have explained that there is no significant savings in closing a building. It is the reduction in staff that will save money, weather spread across 20 buildings or 25 buildings.

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District weighs budget options

Cheeseburger, I think you are missing the point when you say "what else can be done." There is NO COST SAVINGS by simply closing a school. It's the reduction of staff that creates the savings. That can and will happen whether or not schools are closed. The administration is counting on this exact line of confusion in order to justify closings.

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District weighs budget options

I would like to know what the growth projections are for the district. If they choose to close school(s) now, then ask for a bond issue to build a new school within the next 10 years I would be furious.

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Lawrence parents plan Save our Schools rally for this weekend

Puckstah is right. I watched the meeting on TV and I was shocked at how they presented the data. When looking at adjusting school boundaries they skewed it by using current class sizes instead of the necessary adjusted teacher/student ratios. For some reason the administration seems to be throwing inane information out in an effort to confuse and divide parents. Closing schools or not, they will still have to lay off roughly the same number of teachers, so there's no benefit in closing schools.

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Middle school timing uncertain

If what he says is true, I agree with Kummero.. I didn't go to the meeting and I don't tweet. But if "every single" comment for an hour were pleas to the board about keeping schools open, then that is real news and should have been in the story. Sometimes I forget how small our local media outlets are.

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Small schools benefit students

As Dr. Doll has pointed out, there is no good news for students with this budget mess. It's not a matter of closing schools vs. increasing student/teacher ratios. Staff has to be reduced regardless and it's really a simple choice:

Option 1: Close schools, consolidate kids and increase class-size. Then when the budget improves, build new schools.

Option 2: Redraw the boundaries, increase class size evenly across all schools and reduce staff.

Both options require laying off the same number of teachers. Both options will harm our ability to properly educate our children. But at least with option 2 we won't be throwing the baby out with the bath water. We'll still have our neighborhood schools and we won't have to pay to build new mega-schools to house the increasing enrollment that WILL occur.

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