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Immigration protest comes to Lawrence's downtown

Right. I'm sure it's just the illegality that you are so up in arms about. It's just that anything ILLEGAL gets you all riled up. I'm sure your anger doesn't stem from anywhere else. . . not fear or racism or ignorance. Well, good luck convincing yourself of that, then.

Adios (Oh, forgive me)

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Immigration protest comes to Lawrence's downtown

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Burroughs' cabin on eBay

No one is in a vegetative state "ala Terri Schiavo" because of pot. No one. I'd bet my weed on it.

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Nonsense takes center stage as city honors art movement

First of all, I think some of you are taking this too seriously. It seems to me, this is all supposed to be a bit of a joke.

Second, Dadaism predates hippies, has nothing to do with hippies, and if you asked a "hippy" downtown what Dadaism IS, I would be willing to bet he or she would have no idea.

Third, I'm sure none of you care about the first two points and I am completely wasting my time.


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Nonsense takes center stage as city honors art movement

Does it strike anyone as contradictory to do something..."in typical Dada fashion?"

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Accident kills 1, injures 3

Half the time I can't even bring myself to read the comments posted on this site. Anytime there is a tragedy some idiot always has to comment on how they probably deserved it. Clearly, if a person reaches for a donut or a drink they deserve to die. Get over yourselves. You're not perfect. Neither are the rest of us.
Merry Christmas.

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Mirecki treated after roadside beating

Yes, I am more inclined to believe a person who gets medical treatment after an apparent attack, than some dude claiming a "black leathered kinky boy toy" was hired. If that makes me a "brainy campus brat", so be it.

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Mirecki treated after roadside beating

C'mon you guys... It's so obvious- anyone who believes in evolution is a big, fat, liar with a penchant for beating themselves up. It's in The Book.

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What do you think the future holds for legal abortion?

Just curious- To all the "pro-lifers" out there: What are your thoughts on capital punishment? Or can you find a way to justify this?

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Prison, deportation not enough to satisfy father

My favorite thing in the world is when people say, "I'm not a racist but..." or "This is not racism but..." and then follow it up with a racist comment.

5 years? Probably not long enough of a sentence. I will agree with that. But, why did this turn into an immigration issue? Go downtown any night of the week and watch as hundreds of good ol' american college students pile into their cars and drive home drunk.

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