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Global Warming Forces Major Change in Behavior of a Common Animal.

Cool! Welcome back, Paul! Good to see your posts again!

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NASA expert to speak at KU about climate change

It hasn't. Global warming, among other things, causes climate change.

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OMG! What did you do with my

Sorry, Jonathan. I guess I had a bad day. After having dinner and calming down, I was able to find those same listings I thought I'd lost. I need to think before I post. I apologize. Still -- I don't like change, but I'll get over it. Thanks for your help.

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OMG! What did you do with my

Lost me. Right out of the chute, you lost me. Where are the birth and marriage announcements? Before this "old" format, they used to be at the bottom of the page. Now (yesterday, I guess), they were buried under "More stories." Count me as one of the "don't like change" crowd. I'm not very fond of hide-and-seek on web pages, unless I suspect the designer is trying to hide something ... So ... where do I click now? Some designs are only intuitive to geeks and the designers, you know.
Can you group all those little icons together? KU, JW, etc in one sequence so I don't have to look through the entire random list to find something? That's part of the hide-and-seek game that's so inefficient.

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This water beetle of the genus cetiocyon is one species discovered by Kansas University assistant pr

Beautiful! The genus name Cetiocyon should be capitalized, though.

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Winter weather advisory expires for Douglas and surrounding counties

I noticed that, but I also wonder if Leavenworth County would be a good place to live during these times. The "Tonganoxie Split," an urban legend, says that as weather approaches Tonganoxie it splits, sending part of the bad weather north and part of it south. Judging from this weather advisory, which excludes Leavenworth county as I write this, it seems there might be more to that legend than has been credited!

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Wal-Mart pushing for healthier food

Even if they cut the sodium concentration by more than half, it will still contain too much. Besides, there are many more spices that taste better than salt.

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Veritas boys roll, 54-35

Who did Veritas defeat?

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Fort Riley soldier charged in discovery of body

Grissom? Gil Grissom? I heard he wasn't in Vegas anymore and went to Chicago, so who is this person? After a quick check, I learned he is Kansas U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom. Too bad. It would have made a great story to have an actor in public service. Oh, wait . . . .

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