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Wildfires in NW Kansas reported extinguished

Just people, homes, farm buildings, businesses, etc.

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Wildfires in NW Kansas reported extinguished

This particular fire, however, began with an overheated car that pulled off Hwy 36 onto the surrounding dry grassy shoulder.

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Storm misses Lawrence — evidence of the Tonganoxie split?

Except: May 11, 2000. A tornado hit Tonganoxie. Where's the "split" in that? I'd count a tornado as a 'baddie.' When does one decide to ignore the outlier data?

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Prickly Pear

Very nice, Paul. Are the brown things above and behind the flower remnants of previous flowers or the beginnings of spines or what?

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Will you be driving on Thanksgiving Day?

No driving, cuz I don't have a driver. Gonna stay putt.

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Mad Dogs and...

My yard looks something like your first pic, except the path sort of resembles the swath I mow around the house. I don't water or fertilize my yard and it looks great to me. Tons of native grasses, flowers and some miscellaneous stuff, like clover crowd each other for space. Ticks in the tall grass are a small negative, but I don't use pesticides, so ... that's the way it is. I cleared a border around the driveway for buffalo grass, which is brown now, but it will become green one of these days. No matter. Oh -- I use an herbicide for poison ivy only so far. I have limits to my tolerance of 'weeds.' Bird variety is good here, and even saw a ring-necked pheasant swoop into the tall grass a couple of years ago. I save on cat food, too. My yard cat has all the mice she can eat, except when I feed her in the winter months. It's a little different from some domestic property, but there's no place I'd rather be!

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Ah what a beautiful day; just a tad windy said the spider to the fly.

Nice eyes! Any ID, Paul? Pelegrina maybe? Maybe something ...'ventus'

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