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Gov. Brownback: Not everyone always agrees with me

Brownback 423,666 votes Carried 98 of 105 counties

Davis 390,614 votes Carried 7 of 105 counties, none west of Manhattan

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Lawrence superintendent signals 'grave concerns' about budget situation

That would require a serious reduction in my income that I am not willing to accept.

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Budget woes threaten highway program, group warns

Kansas Center for Economic Growth is no more nonpartisan than is Kansas Policy Institute.

Whenever I see a partisan reporter describe a group as “nonpartisan” I research the group to see its agenda. Who runs the group? What are their backgrounds and affiliations? How is the group funded?

Liberal policy research groups almost always describe themselves as “nonpartisan”.

These are just a few of the well-known liberal think tanks that describe themselves as “nonpartisan”: Center for American Progress, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, Economic Policy Institute, Human Rights Watch, Council on Hemispheric Affairs.

Others, such as Brookings, don’t claim to be nonpartisan, but use the word “independent”. This, despite its highly partisan board of directors.

Some proudly and honestly claim to be liberal or progressive, such as Institute for Policy Studies.

But Kansas Center for Economic Growth is simply a liberal public policy research group with a liberal agenda. Unfortunately, it is dishonest how it describes itself. It is secretive about the source of its funding.

And their press releases disguised by reporters as news stories, should be taken as such.

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Kansas authorizes $1 billion in bonds for pension system

That is too complex for the simple minded to grasp.

It is easier to yell outrage than actually think.

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New Lawrence mayor confident commission ready to tackle issues, rebuild trust

“ …not universally admired or trusted in Lawrence.”

Apparently you are the belief that you have the ability to speak for everybody in Lawrence. I can assure you that Farmer is not “universally” unadmired or mistrusted in Lawrence. I would advance the notion that he is not even well known.

If my memory is correct, he was the golden boy of the naysayers two years ago when he received the most votes in that election. These are the same naysayers that gave Soden the most votes this time. She should enjoy the admiration of them while it lasts.

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New Kansas law would limit spending of welfare benefits

You missed ALEC.

Other than that you checked most of the liberal talking points off on your regular tirade.

You get three points each use of Koch. Two points are awarded for each use of the word fascist. You get one point each for dictatorship, vicious, fraudulent, and stupidity.

But you lose 5 points for missing ALEC.

Your total score this post is 9 liberal points.

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'The Daily Show' roasts recent Kansas legislation

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Kansas AG asks top state court to void Wichita pot ordinance

By that logic, if 3,000 people in Wichita submitted a petition to legalize prostitution there, would it be respecting the opinions of average citizens to allow a vote on it ??

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'The Daily Show' roasts recent Kansas legislation

Big deal.

A liberal comedian did another routine on a comedy show on the Comedy Channel that made fun of conservatives.

Thing is, few people saw it.

The previous night, Daily Show drew an audience of 1.01 million people, which is typical of the size of the shows viewership. In comparison, on the same night, American Pickers had 1.79 million viewers. Storage Wars drew 1.83 million. Shipping Wars 1.07 million.

In other words, many more people watched two guys driving around the country poking around in barns for antiques, than saw Stewart surprise the world by making fun of conservatives in Kansas. More people watched others bidding on the contents of abandoned storage units than saw Stewarts ad- nauseam humor.

What is truly humorous is liberals getting their news on The Comedy Channel.

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