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Kinedyne to close plant later this year; Heartland health clinic moving to space near LMH; a ranking of Lawrence fans

Kinedyne should immediately have city officials asking questions of themselves. Why did the company decide to leave Lawrence? Did the company consider transferring the Alabama production to Lawrence? If not, why? If it was considered, why did they choose to go to Alabama instead?

I propose it could be because of the obvious anti-business climate in Lawrence.

For example, one poster in this thread has proposed recruiting business here, but only if some unknown people in the city can dictate how they do business. As if a business must qualify to be here. Regarding the Results company leaving and taking 300 positions, one poster essentially wrote, Good Riddance. Those 300 workers spend their income, no matter how much, in the city buying goods and services and generating sales tax revenue. Soon that payroll will be gone.

Many times, too many people here pontificate that it is the wrong business, the wrong type of business, in the wrong location, and operating in the wrong way.. Or even the wrong ownership.

The city officials had better begin changing the perception of Lawrence being anti-business, before we become a version of Tonganoxie with KU surrounding it.

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

Loomis came to KU as a professor in the political science department in 1979. Ray Davis was already a professor in the department. Ray retired from KU in 2007. They are both friends and colleagues. Ray is the father of Paul Davis. Loomis has known Paul since the youngster was in grade school.

As the full time paid communication director for Sebelius, while also "working" for KU, Loomis worked extensively with Paul Davis, who was in the state House, and had already been tagged as a rising star in the Kansas democrat party. Loomis helped groom him to be the democrat leader in the House, a position that he realized 4 years later at the unprecedented age of 35.

The thing is, there should be nothing wrong with that, but for the complaints of the liberals about Art Hall. The situations are very similar. So where are the complaints about Loomis and his academic integrity ?.

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

Check your reading comprehension from above.

"But I am just going to wait to go to the next step until the court deals with the Kraus request."

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

Hall used to work for the largest industrial company in Kansas as an economist.

Loomis used to be the Communications Director for Kathleen Sebelius in a full time paid positon.

Hall in his capacity as Director of the Center for Applied Economics at KU openly offers economic analysis to policy makers.

Loomis covertly advised the democrat candidate for governor last fall. He did not disclose it to his students. Nor did he inform the media when they contacted him as a professor of political science at KU for comment on the election. How transparent is that?

Halls position at KU is partially funded by an endowment from one of the largest companies in the state of Kansas.

While working full time in a paid position on the Sebelius staff, Loomis was kept on staff at KU in a specially created phantom position at $88,000 per year. In the realm of transparency, does he inform his students?

You oppose Hall teaching, but have no objection to Loomis teaching.

It is only because Hall is a conservative and Loomis a liberal. How hypocritical.

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

Open your eyes. And your mind.

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Brownback outlines new tax plan to close budget gap

With an increased tax, the Lawrence sales tax would be 9.2%.

KCMO sales tax is 8.35%.

On every 100 dollars you would save 85 cents.

Today, you save 35 cents per 100 dollars.

Don't forget to take a cooler for your meat, dairy, and frozen goods.

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

I am following the same established process Kraus did.

Demanding publicly for the release of the Loomis emails. Accusation of hiding something because the emails wont be released. Whining about it to the LJW to get an article written about it. Going to KU administration with the request, and making sure it gets in the paper. Get the department chair involved. Make Loomis respond to the accusations. More whining to the paper when it is refused without paying for the search. Writing a LTE begging for donations to pay for it. Continuing to insure it makes it to the internet.

All the while proclaiming it isn’t about politics, but rather about academic freedom and transparency.

But I am just going to wait to go to the next step until the court deals with the Kraus request.

With all the liberal professors teaching at KU, having well established connections to liberal causes, like Burdett Loomis has to the democrat party, think of all the requests that can be made. Strong Hall will need another department to handle them all.

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

If people are so concerned about what one person is teaching in the classroom simply because he may be a conservative, they should be concerned with possible influence on a professor of a liberal bent.

So, once again, I call on Burdett A. Loomis, professor of political science of KU for 35 years, to voluntarily release all his emails and correspondence on KU servers for the last 10 years. If he has nothing to hide, he should be willing to do it.

Even when I took his classes so many years ago, he was known by the students to present his liberal view of the world. It was well known you had to conform to his views for grade success.

As department chair at KU, Loomis was made communications director for Governor Sebelius. While in that position, the governor's office paid $34,000 of his annual $88,000 salary, and the remaining $54,000 continued to be paid by KU.

How did that position affect his teaching philosophy when he returned to KU full time? When contacted by the media for analysis of Obamacare over these years, have the comments been coordinated with Sebelius and democrat party?

Loomis is longtime friends with Ray Davis, another in department, now retired professor. Ray is the father of Paul Davis, former candidate for governor and leader of the state House Democratic caucus.

Was Loomis advising the younger Davis on his run for governor, and throughout his political career in the House? Did he do it covertly through father Ray? When the many media outlets contacted Loomis for comment on the election, were the messages coordinated with the Davis campaign and the democrat party?

I, too, would like to see some transparency in academia.

Releasing the Loomis documents will promote academic freedom.

Further, the goal is simply ‘academic transparency’ to allow students and the public the right and ability to evaluate the lessons Loomis teaches. Has Loomis been speaking for himself or promoting an agenda?

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Kansas universities lack firm plan for concealed guns on campus, making some anxious

Many of you have been waiting since 2006 for Wild West shoot outs in the streets in Kansas. Over 100,000 concealed carry licenses in the state later, you are still waiting.

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