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After 2 arrests, Lawrence police still searching for killer or killers in downtown shooting

You dont know how right you are.

One of the suspects is a cousin of one of the victims.

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Letter to the editor: Better pay needed

RBG continues to whine about athletics and guns at KU and how it relates to being an AAU school.

Thirteen of the top 25 athletic departments by revenue in the country are AAU schools. KU ranked 38th has $90 million in revenue, versus Texas AM at $194 million. University of Texas is another $188 million. There is no correlation there. RBG just doesn’t like sports.

Half of the 60 AAU schools in the country are private, including Duke, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, USC, and Northwestern. All have tuition in the neighborhood of $50,000 per year. Maybe RBG thinks KU should double its tuition.

One of his complaints in a recent article was about guns. In fact, in the picture accompanying the article about his AAUP meeting, guns was the number one issue on the slide. Teachers will leave because of it, we are told. However, just in this area, Colorado, Texas and Texas AM all have campus carry. All three AAU schools.

Regarding his coveted AAUP chapter at KU, it is hardly exclusive, as one is led to believe. There are hundreds of chapters across the country, including junior colleges. There are nine chapters in Kansas, including Bethel College. AAUP is nothing more than a labor union, similar to the teamsters. Remember, AAUP censured Mizzou for firing Melissa Click.

It can be noted that the engineering department at AAU listed KU is ranked 94th in the country. There are many schools such as Georgia Institute of Technology, Virginia Tech, University of Delaware, University of Arizona, all non AAU schools, are ranked above KU.

Ron if you don’t like it here, there are plenty of places for you to go.

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Online survey testing the waters for proposed name change at South Middle School

They should change the mascot. Maybe they could sell more school t-shirts and other school gear.

What self respecting mom in her 30s wants to walk around with a shirt that says "Cougar" on the front of it, or better yet, a bumper sticker that says the same.

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Editorial: Health plan worth exploring

Though a consultants plan is a simply a recommendation, actual implementation of a plan does not have to be the same.

Again, competition between companies, and multi tiered plans within them, would bring results teachers would be happy with.

So what if a new system saves 40 million instead of 80 million.

We will see how smart the task force. is.

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Editorial: Health plan worth exploring

Such a health care plan as proposed would have well over 30,000 potential participants.

Because of that, it could be comparable to any Fortune 500 corporate health care plan.

Properly designed, it would contract with major insurance companies to administer the program. Most companies use Aetna, United Health, and Blue Cross. They could compete with each other for participants.

Large corporate plans are multi-tiered with three levels of deductibles/co-pays, and in network/out network options. They are priced accordingly and participants can choose the one that most fits their needs.

Consider a health insurance system where United, having extensive experience with large corporate plans, competes with BCBS KS, the local non profit, for participants, based on benefits and costs to participants. It would be both cost effective because of the number of participants and efficient being run by companies that are experts.

Having such large numbers, a post retirement plan could also be financially feasible as a bridge to Medicare.

This is a good proposal. So whats wrong with it Reber ??

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Editorial: Pay concerns don’t add up

The academic world which is well insulated from the realities of the outside world is based on pretentious fantasy.

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Editorial: Pay concerns don’t add up

Last year the Salina schools superintendent made $335,000. Shawnee Mission $317k. Blue Valley $302k.

To say conservatives do not a genuine interest in classroom instruction is nonsense.

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Editorial: Pay concerns don’t add up

Your comment is quite ironic as that is one of the arguments the Kansas conservatives have about local school funding. That is, as funding to districts increases, so does the ratio of administrators to teachers. Conservatives want funds to not be dedicated to the ever increasing bureaucracy, but rather pushed down to the actual instruction level.

Kansas school districts are packed with associate superintendents, assistant superintendents, executive directors, directors, assistant directors, and associate directors. Not to mention the staff to support them.

Lawrence 497 alone has three assistant superintendents, three executive directors, nine directors, and six assistant directors.

Blue Valley with twice the number of students, has three deputy/assistant superintendents, nine executive directors, and thirteen directors.

I guess it is acceptable in primary and secondary education, but forbidden at the university level.

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Editorial: Pay concerns don’t add up

Forer’s comment presupposes that a professor exiting KU is of the highest quality, while the replacement person is of inferior quality.

By logical extension, the one leaving KU for another school can be seen there as being inferior to the person being replaced.

That is pretty pompous thinking.

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