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FBI: Search for KC baby leads to Shawnee landfill

---it is incredibly easy to fail a polygraph interview like this at a time of such stress.

it sounds as if because of the stats, the KC police might be putting too much weight on that polygraph interview, but who knows.

all of the actions I've seen of the Irwin/bradley couple seem reasonable for a couple in a stranger-abduction situation.

Bearded gnome, apparently, you are a crime expert also, so shut it\

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Sale of Sunflower Broadband complete

This is a big blow to not only Sunflower employees,but the Lawrence community as well. Sunflower purchased all of their vehicles locally and had them insured by local insurance agents. They purchased office supplies locally. Knology will probably purchase from their own suppliers. Knology purchasing Sunflower takes not only jobs away from people, but also removes thousands of dollars from the local community.

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What is the key to a great bowl of chili?

I agree with no beans. One that I have found to be delicious is going chunky not soupy.Use half Italian sausage and half hamburger/deer meat., green pepper, red pepper, white onion, ro-tel, and jalapenos plus spices of your choice. Good chili should cause a nice forehead brow sweat.

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What was your favorite cartoon?

Hong Kong Phooey and the Laffolympics

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$500,000 project will give Lawrence remote control traffic lights

Honestly, it is Lawrence. Proximity is relative. We can't wait an extra minute for a light, then find another way. Please spend our tax dollars on something more worthy. Try moving to a major metropolitan area and then complain about the wait at some of the city traffic lights. Otherwise, suck it up!!

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Who is your favorite TV commercial character?

The Hamm's beer bear, land of sky blue waters, and Avoid the Noid for Domino's

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What is your favorite "so bad, it's good" movie?

Shakes the Clown

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Tonganoxie mayor in critical condition following possible suicide attempt

Folks, lay off Kealing and the LJW, they report the news. If you don't want to hear/see the news then don't. Any newspaper does the best they can with the information provided. If you don't like it, then report the news yourself and find out the criticism that you will receive.

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