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Former secretary of state critical of how Bush has handled events

Please, everyone, try to remember that whether you love or hate the person, or their message or behavior, everyone is worthy of being treated with respect. Not because they earned it or you want to give it. But rather, because as you treat others, so shall you be treated.
How true, as the TEACHER said to the Essenes so many years ago. We need to elect more statesmen (like Bob Dole) and fewer rabid politicians.

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Former secretary of state critical of how Bush has handled events

Clinton and his staff are clearly worried about how history will view the job they did.
True, but, in the long run, I'll take President Clinton's legacy over the one on which BUSHCO is working.

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Former secretary of state critical of how Bush has handled events

She makes a point worth discussion: ""I understood the why, but not the why now. And I didn't understand the what next," she said."
Saddam was evil (a large club of felons world wide) but was pretty well bottled-up. The invasion was timed so Bush could give a victory speech to help with the next election cycle. Perhaps, we needed to invade Iraq, but not necessarily in Spring 2003. The phony buildup, the "get out of town Saddam and your sons" rhetoric was staged and timed for political reasons.

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Shades of gray

A woman, or even a man, is NOT free to do with their body what they want. If we were, many of our laws would be gone. Helmet laws, drug usage, seat belts. It's my body, why should I have to wear one?
So? It's called freedom! Vote Libertarian when you can.

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Chat about education with former State Education Commissioner Andy Tompkins

Miss you Dr. Tompkins. Good luck and best wishes.

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Judge in Dover I.D. case touts legal independence

Good judge; good decision; preach in the pulpit and study in the classroom.

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Grants issued to start charter schools

If there were any convincing evidence charter schools worked, I'd be more enthused.

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Black Republicans run ad alleging Democrats started Ku Klux Klan

Gonna get ugly, folks. And it's still weeks until the November election. Are there any issues out there, or just mud?

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Smaller library plan under consideration

Wonder why they are so silent today?
Because the truth hurts?

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Woman courted killing, Police Chief Olin says

NEVER point a gun at the police. I do agree, however, they probably could have gassed the place to slow her down and, perhaps, flush her out. Very sad situation for all concerned.

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