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First Bell: Jayhawks and Lions and Firebirds to march, oh my; KU offers free songs to play; Science Fair preps underway

They are invited to the game but opt not to perform at halftime. Band day is an all-day event for all the marching bands involved. When I was in LHS marching band, LHS didn't want to keep us all day, so we only participated in the parade and then called it a day.

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Kansas SRS says it needs more money as sexual predator treatment program nears maximum capacity

Penetration isn't the only way to sexually assault someone...either way, they need to stay locked up.

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How did you hear about Sept. 11? What do you remember from that day?

I was in my seventh grade history class when the first plane hit. When our "block" moved to our science class, the teacher kept saying it wasn't true, that it was just a rumor, it was a conspiracy, etc. Looking back on it, she was a little bit nutty... but anyway, once they turned on TVs in the library, it was very clear that it wasn't just a rumor. I was sitting in the library watching the news when the second plane hit.

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City, County would pay to keep open state SRS office under proposal announced Monday

Seeing as how Brownback is spending enormous amounts of money implementing "faith-based programs" for SRS and hiring people from out of state (how's that for making more jobs for Kansans?) I think it's MORE than fair to bring up his faith, especially since he is trying to force it onto all the citizens of Kansas. What ever happened to separation of church and state?

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Concerns raised about overhead costs of Tonganoxie-based nonprofit Purple Heart Veterans Foundation

Shaun has written a number of public-interest type pieces, along with more investigative stories, and I'd hardly say he is "an individual with an agenda". Far from it. Sounds to me like he's revealing a shady "organization" for exactly what it is: a scam. I volunteer for a nonprofit based out of Lawrence, and as tomatogrower points out, you are getting ripped off if your website costs you that much. Your numbers don't make sense, unless you account for the fact that you and your brother are profiting off of wounded Vets. Shame on you.

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3-stage drug court in Lyon County brings 'dramatic change' in offenders

I hope getting a domestic violence court will help Lawrence officials actually CARE about the issue of domestic violence. It's BS when a domestic violence victim waits a year for their case to go to court, as the trial rescheduled three times (once because the judge forgot to put it on her schedule) and then the prosecutor drops the charges two weeks before the trial is supposed to start, but doesn't notify the victim until three days before the trial is supposed to start.

Domestic violence in Douglas county isn't taken seriously. The police don't want to enforce protective orders or take reports, the DA's office doesn't want to press charges and prosecutors don't want to follow through on cases.

I wish Lawrence would get the drug court instead, hopefully that would be more effective than their worthless domestic violence court.

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Positive training

The last sentence is backwards. Recovery and Hope Network was responsible for bringing the issue up with Chief Khatib during his interactive chat on the LJworld.com, and has been in contact with him since then. NAMI only became involved recently, although NAMI had (unsuccessfully) brought the issue up back in 2009 under former chief Ron Olin.

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What is Kansas' nastiest summer bug?

Gnats, mosquitoes, chiggers

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