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April 28th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

It's concrete, but it's still annoying. During marching season, we are out there 3 times a week for 2 hours at a time, at minimum, and it's the only place we have to practice.

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KU student arrested for having gun in a scholarship hall


After reading some of your comments, I have to wonder...

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City votes in favor of banning camping trailers, large vehicles from spots near South Park

"Specifically, the ordinance will prohibit camping-oriented vehicles"

Sounds to me like they're just looking for RVs and campers, not marching band buses. My guess is they'll only be enforcing it on "camping-oriented vehicles"

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Police respond to post-game disturbances

In order to stoop to their level, we'd have to start burning people's houses, have multiple shooting victims, have people in need of fire/EMS and not be able to be reached. I've been listening to the Lexington scanner since about an hour after the game, and Lawrence is making Lexington look tame. Lexington is going to be in ashes by the morning, all because they WON. It makes no sense.

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Regents work to give proper credit

Unless I am completely misunderstanding this, it is INCREDIBLY easy to see how a course will transfer between KU and basically any other school. KU has a Transfer Equivalency tool on their website. It shows you how your class will transfer from another school into KU (or out of). That being said, maybe I'm completely missing the point (it's been a long day).

Still, it would be nice to have a set of gen ed classes that would transfer freely between some of the area schools, because I know some of them get very screwy when you try to transfer them, especially classes like Western Civ (they can either transfer as HWC or history, which is a real pain).

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Knology to no longer provide 2 Topeka stations

I have to agree with the above comments in regards to the decline of service ever since they became Knology. Seems like I have problems with my boxes at least every other month, and when I call in to customer service, half the time I get a busy signal, and when I do get through, I am on hold at least 10min before I get through to anyone. After talking to someone, I'm usually left with a bad taste in my mouth. Their prices are ridiculous, considering how crappy the service is. I keep meaning to call AT&T to see if I can get U-Verse. My parents already switched over and it's considerably cheaper and they absolutely love it. Time to dump Knology!

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City urged to allow potbellied pigs

Just curious, would they be subject to the same restrictions that other pets face? Would landlords be allowed to charge pet rent and security deposits on the pigs? And how would their weight factor into this? Most apartment complexes in town that are "pet friendly" require that the pets be under a certain weight limit (in my experience, it's been no more than 25lbs).

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16 Things: Band leader strikes up a list of notable and entertaining events

In addition to being a very interesting, entertaining person, Mr. Stidham is very kind and is always always willing to lend a helping hand (and then thanks you for giving him the opportunity to help!). Andy, you couldn't have picked a better person for this article! The music department wouldn't be the same without Mr. Stidham!

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December 11th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

I also feel the need to mention that although the units look nice, everything is crappily built. Candy Lane was a nightmare.

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December 11th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

As someone who used to live out at Candy Lane (and hated it), I can tell you it is NOT low-cost living. Those units are ridiculously over-priced (when we moved in, it was $1300/mo for a 4b/3.5b), and the landlords continue to jack the prices up. That was one of many reasons we moved out after a year (we tried to move out sooner, but the landlords lied to us numerous times about the sub-leasing policy).

That being said, I'm about 99% sure at least two of our former neighbors were drug dealers. I had to call the police on our neighbor literally every Saturday for throwing wild parties that involved them trashing our yard, blocking in our driveway, etc. I can't explain Candy Lane. The units are very nice, and the landlords play it up to be this fancy neighborhood for families and young working professionals, but you move out there and it's a hot mess. I hated it and I hated the landlords even more. I never felt unsafe in the neighborhood, and there were some very nice small families in that neighborhood, but the majority of the people out there are sketchy as all get-out.

They don't violate the new occupancy codes either. My former roommate and I approached KU Legal Services for Students about that exact issue, mainly because the landlord wasn't giving us a straight issue about whether we could have a fourth roommate or not, and LSS informed us that we could because Candy Lane was not zoned as single-family units. That being said, they should be. The neighbors that I had to call the cops on had 8 college guys living in a 4-bedroom house. We informed the landlords of this and they literally didn't do anything.

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