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Lawrence schools now out of snow days

If the district is actually concerned about students making up for what they lost on the days they missed, they'll implement make up days. I remember doing them when I was in USD 497, and it wasn't any big deal.

That being said, wouldn't it be cheaper (even if only slightly) for the district to just add a few minutes to the end of each day? Instead of having another one or two full days where they would have to provide breakfast & lunch, all they'd do is add a few minutes on to existing days where they've already provided those meals. It may not be a ton of savings, but it does seem like the district would save *some* money.

My guess is that the district will go with whatever is the cheapest, even if it isn't in the best interest of the students.

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Kansan gives $150,000 for KU social-welfare scholarships in memory of her children who died in a car accident

I think this is amazing. What a beautiful way to honor your children's memories, and to help people who want to follow in your footsteps in the field of Social Work. As a current BSW student at KU who is hoping to get her MSW at KU, I'd like to say thank you to the Andersons. Your gift will help so many people obtain their MSW that may not have been able to before, and with Social Work, you pretty much HAVE to have your MSW to be able to get a job that pays enough to get by on. I hope that the people who receive the scholarships know the story behind it, because it's awesome. So again, thank you so much.

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Weis hopes packed house will honor KU football seniors Saturday night

In addition to the senior football players being recognized, senior members of the Cheerleading Squad, Rock Chalk Dancers and Marching Jayhawks will also be recognized. I've seen some of the comments on Facebook in regards to the game and it's very disheartening. People are saying they don't want to go to the game because they don't want to support the team, they don't feel they deserve their support. They forget that these three groups have been there through EVERY game with the football team. They've supported them through every loss, stuck every game out until the last second. Those students deserve their recognition too. It's a shame that some fans are willing to overlook all their hard work simply because they think the football team is undeserving of their support.

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Man run over by vehicle; alcohol suspected factor

I don't know how you "haven't seen a checkpoint in over a year", because I've seen a handful, one of which was the first weekend after school started.

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Lawrence sex offender one of 14 Kansas men listed in Boy Scout files

As someone who works at a BSA Camp (not Nash, though), allowing underage scouts to shower with adults would completely violate Youth Protection -- a training every adult is required to have completed before they can be at camp (staff and parents/leaders). That kind of violation would be enough to shut a camp down. If a staff member saw something like that happening and didn't report it, they would be immediately terminated and could face legal ramifications.

Youth Protection requires separate facilities for under 18 males, above 18 males, and then another for females. Adults can't stay in the same tent (unless it's a father and son) as youth. In addition, we're mandated reporters. If we have any suspicion that any kind of abuse is happening, we have to report it.

This has been a black eye for the BSA, but the BSA has put in place new standards, and at least in my experience, aggressively ensure that the standards are followed.

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Free State, LHS bands honored at festival

Does anyone know why LHS was in Division I but Freestate was Division II? When I was in high school, we were both Division I bands. I didn't think that Freestate's band was that much smaller than LHS's.

Also, way to go LHS! As a former LHS Marching Lion, thanks for carrying on the tradition of musical excellence!

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Free State, LHS bands honored at festival

As someone who participated in HoA in high school, don't knock it. It's a very big deal, and they tend to spend all year working towards it (or similar competitions).

This article didn't necessarily explain things very well. There were 22 schools that competed, from all across the state (and a few from MO). They were assigned to divisions based on the size of the band (which usually has to do with the size of the school). Some divisions are bigger than others. Every band receives a rating. "1" is superior, and so on. But there are also specific awards given for things like best drumline, colorguard, execution of drill, etc. Finally, there is an award given to the band that wins Grand Champion (based on the total number of points earned in their performance). Any band in any division can win it. And for the record, I was at HoA, and there weren't "only two schools that received lower than a 1."

I don't know why you feel like you need to mock a bunch of hard-working high school kids. They should all be proud of their accomplishments at HoA.

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Man arrested after low-speed car chase

Someone needs to turn off the caps lock and step away from the computer...

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Train derailment reported east of downtown Lawrence

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Train derailment reported east of downtown Lawrence

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