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Protect computer files: Decide how to back up photos, presentations and more before it's too late

I'm disappointed that the article doesn't mention the free Dropbox service. Also worth pointing out that using an external hard drive for backups won't help you if your house burns down. To be safe, you need to keep a copy of your most important data off-site, like in a bank safe deposit box or a relative's house.

One last comment: video that autoplays that I can't stop? Mega-fail.

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Family wants boy's stolen fair project returned

I'm not sure of a fair in the area with prizes that hand out enough money to be worth it..... Even when i won champion-type ribbons on my projects, the premiums paid out didn't come close to the cost of producing the project. But of course, that's not the point anyway.

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Indoor Aquatic Center closed through Aug. 19

Just regular maintenance. They do this at about this time every year.

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Heard on the Hill: Professor points out lack of tropical biodiversity; new buyout info expected today; other universities petition Chick-fil-A

what's up with all the random words in quotes anyway? I've never been able to make sense of that....

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U.S. House candidate criticized over comment made at forum

Anyone else think that by giving that apology he undercut the very point he was trying to make?

The response I would have preferred: *eyeroll* "Oh please."

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Town Talk: Signs point to August opening for Mass. St. Dillons; Zarco becomes first in country to sell new E15 ethanol gasoline; city delegation headed to Greece

The problem with ethanol is that gallon for gallon, it has about 25% less energy than gasoline. Unless the price spread is about 2.5% for e10, 3.75% for e15 or 22% for e85, you would be getting less for your money.

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Physicists say they’ve found ‘God particle’

A possibly apocryphal story, but poignant nonetheless:

A politician, upset with the amount of money spent on basic scientific research, was grilling a prominent physicist during a hearing regarding the use of the research.

"What is the practical purpose of all this research?" the politician said.

Replied the physicist: "What is the practical purpose of a newborn baby?"

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Physicists say they’ve found ‘God particle’

Agree with this. Ever get a PET scan? See a neon sign? Glow in the dark stuff? Photovoltaic cells? Really, any electronic equipment that was developed in the last thirty years? Quantum mechanics has benefited you.

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Several major changes in Kansas alcohol regulations becoming law

Ahh, I had the wrong bill, then.

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Several major changes in Kansas alcohol regulations becoming law

I didn't see anything in the bill about specials... KSA 41-2640 (a) (4) still says happy hour is illegal.


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