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Age requirement considered after 6 teens run for Kansas governor

Why not just let the voters decide?

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Police share surveillance photos of suspects in gift-card scam

Two reasons: 1) the cameras don't get replaced all that often, so they're old, relatively speaking, and 2) unlike your cell phone, they are recording constantly. It's a tradeoff between resolution and data storage space, and multiple days of footage from multiple cameras, all operating at high resolution, will consume terabytes and terabytes of space. All that data has to be stored and backed up and made available upon demand.

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Today's the day: What you need to know about the solar eclipse in Lawrence

Keep in mind, a pinhole camera can be as simple as a cracker and a piece of paper!

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Eudora schools cancel eclipse-viewing plans amid concerns of unsafe glasses; price tag for replacements about $10K

Oh for goodness sake people!

There are ways to observe an eclipse without these glasses -- people have been doing it for decades.

1. Use binoculars to project an image of the sun onto a white surface like in this: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/b...

2. Use a cardboard box and a nail to make a pinhole projector like in this: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/how-make...

3. Stand underneath a tree and look at its shadow like in this:

People have been going out of their minds over these stupid glasses to the point where it seems like this is the only way people think you can observe the eclipse. So what if you got bogus glasses, don't cancel the event when these easy alternatives exist!

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Allegations of wrongdoing between Lawrence City Commission candidates continue

Did you not read the linked article? Lyche was sued, but the case was dismissed without prejudice because he managed to chicken out of being served papers. Airbnb's insurance covered the damage he caused.

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Lawrence City Commission to review FAA safety assessment for skydiving at the airport

May want to fix the source document title. I don't think it was put together by the Future Farmers of America.

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KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little to step down in summer 2017

In fairness, just getting the TS/SCI process done will take the better part of a year, and that's just how long it takes to find out whether or not you get the clearance. If they want someone quickly, they'll need to hire someone who is already cleared.

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Allan Umscheid, owner of Yards By Al, feels the bitter cold wind and catches drifting snow on his fa

Just thought you'd like to know that this pic is on the front page of CNN.com at the moment :-)


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Capitol Report: Brownback on higher ed, taxes; and KU's well-connected lobbyist

So.... if life legally begins at conception, does that mean that miscarriage is murder?

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