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Jayhawks floating on cloud nine as city prepares for national title game

OK, you're absolutely right.

Everyone burn JackMcKee's car first!

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Jayhawks floating on cloud nine as city prepares for national title game

Regardless of the outcome, let's not act like those losers in Methtucky and start destroying stuff and burning cars.

Act like you've been there before! (Because you have)

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NO FOOLIN’! Believe it: KU makes title game

How about a special round of applause for Elijah and Travis. I think this was EJ's first ever double-double, and Travis also had a hell of a game.

Two guys who don't get a ton of "pub" coming up huge at a great time. Way to go guys!

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Two LHS students disciplined after hoax

If you really want to punish the kids, (and we certainly should) have the texting feature removed from their phones for a few months. The teens I know would much rather do hard time.

October 1, 2009 at 11:20 p.m. ( | suggest removal ) ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

A long time ago, I ran into a very similar situation. I had just started a T-shirt company but was not licensed for printing KU related merchandise, and suddenly we made it to a Final 4.

I wanted to get in on the frenzy so I hired an artist to design an alternate Jayhawk. I did not use the words "Jayhawk", "KU", "Kansas", or "Final Four" (that's a separate license by the way). I knew I was treading on thin ice and when my shirt became the runaway bestseller that year I knew I would be hearing from KU.

Sure enough, a group showed up a couple of weeks later and were extremely polite and professional. They explained all the reasons why I needed to cease and desist; did not ask for any sort of punitive damages, and actually bought the rights to "my" Jayhawk.

I've known Sinks for a long time and I would say that the more derogatory adjectives used to describe some of his shirts also suit him to a T, so to speak. Don't worry about him, I'm sure he's been hiding cash for decades, will declare bankruptcy, not pay a dime, and come out of this unscathed.

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