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KU professors recall Berlin Wall's collapse, political and social fallout that followed

Why Germany doesn't want to take on debt from Greece, Italy, and all the others. Been there, done that…no way, Jose.

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Letter: Out of Mideast

Amen. But not for the squeamish. And the Pentagon and others still believe they have a handle on predictable outcomes. It keeps them, meaning the non-soldiers or safe behind walls, in a job. And the politicians always get a soapbox if they have a magic answer, based on their experience….in Kansas? Right.

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KU football coaching search takes steps forward

"that former Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas had been hired by the university as an advisor" : I wonder how much this guy cost?

What they should do is get the interim AD who hired Self. Drew ??? Of put the money in a basket and send it to me. I'll find a body with lots of advice.

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Lawrence man airlifted after car crash along Highway 59

Why God made seat belts.

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Lawrence voters reject sales tax for $28 million police headquarters

They should have disguised it as a gym. It worked for Allen Field House. Not to mention whatever they call that athletic strip mall out west. Could have had Charlie Weiss match the taxpayers.

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Haskell wants Title IX efforts to affect sexual, domestic violence across Indian Country

There is usually another culprit…alcohol. It brings out the "best" in people.

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Conner Frankamp decides to transfer from KU basketball team

The UK system doesn't work for Self, if for anyone, except the semi-pro Wildcats. The one and donors do well for themselves and maybe the NBA, but KU has always done better without the Wiggs and with people who want to be here. Not the green room.
What happens after April might matter to some TV viewers, but not college basketball fans. Last time I looked, Kansas is college ball. Too bad there is no room to develop players with experience and teaching. I guess Self's quit on that.

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Editorial: Royal run

New fans = bandwagoners.

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Snyder, KSU athletic director pay to open dorms early for KU game

Charley Weiss could've opened a casino for what he left town with.

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64-year-old driver critically injured in attempt to avoid deer

There's an expert on everything.

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