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Suspect shot, wounded in suburban Kansas City

The world's longest article to say nothing. Beats ESPN!

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Extra oomph: Ellis forceful in win over URI

I missed the rules change…there's style points in a dunk?

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Seriously, folks, Self wants 40-plus points

Maybe they need the Marine survival course again?

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UNC academic fraud can't happen at KU, some regents say

They better get a better football team and get by the 1st week or they got cheated for any fraud trade-off.

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Can Kentucky run the table? ‘I don’t know’

Hey Cal…what does THIS mean?:
"There are no excuses. Well, if I played more, I would really be bad. Really? "

Maybe you should start the College Coaches D-League? After you're done inventing the platoon system in basketball.

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Halloween no longer a staple in schools, in Lawrence and elsewhere

"For instance, a school could provide extra costumes to some students, she said. Or when it comes to balancing instructional time with fun, elements of Halloween could be used as a platform for certain kinds of lessons."

Amen. Pressure from parent one-upmanship. Provide fixed materials and let the kids make their stuff, rather than their parents do their homework, A teaching moment.

They can have all the rest at home, should it be desirable.

And drop the "wellness" label already. Too associated with brussel sprouts.

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Twitter poll: Sacrificing goal posts a good or bad idea?

Quantrill: Beats burning Lawrence.

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KU chancellor remains mum about UNC academic fraud

KU's "brother" basketball institution, UNC. Remind me, is there anyone else in this common thread?

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Platoon system planned at Kentucky

Nothing tops beating the NBA-Developmental -Semi-Pro-Ringers-League team. That they represent the SEC...whatever division that is…with slickster as coach…hmmm.

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KU professors recall Berlin Wall's collapse, political and social fallout that followed

Why Germany doesn't want to take on debt from Greece, Italy, and all the others. Been there, done that…no way, Jose.

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