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Vitale judges Jayhawks

"“Being bullied as a kid. All my opinions in 75 years.”…"has no plans to retire soon." -Dukie's revenge is a TV without a mute button.

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Suspect shot, wounded in suburban Kansas City

The world's longest article to say nothing. Beats ESPN!

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Extra oomph: Ellis forceful in win over URI

I missed the rules change…there's style points in a dunk?

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Seriously, folks, Self wants 40-plus points

Maybe they need the Marine survival course again?

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UNC academic fraud can't happen at KU, some regents say

They better get a better football team and get by the 1st week or they got cheated for any fraud trade-off.

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Can Kentucky run the table? ‘I don’t know’

Hey Cal…what does THIS mean?:
"There are no excuses. Well, if I played more, I would really be bad. Really? "

Maybe you should start the College Coaches D-League? After you're done inventing the platoon system in basketball.

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Halloween no longer a staple in schools, in Lawrence and elsewhere

"For instance, a school could provide extra costumes to some students, she said. Or when it comes to balancing instructional time with fun, elements of Halloween could be used as a platform for certain kinds of lessons."

Amen. Pressure from parent one-upmanship. Provide fixed materials and let the kids make their stuff, rather than their parents do their homework, A teaching moment.

They can have all the rest at home, should it be desirable.

And drop the "wellness" label already. Too associated with brussel sprouts.

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Twitter poll: Sacrificing goal posts a good or bad idea?

Quantrill: Beats burning Lawrence.

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KU chancellor remains mum about UNC academic fraud

KU's "brother" basketball institution, UNC. Remind me, is there anyone else in this common thread?

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Platoon system planned at Kentucky

Nothing tops beating the NBA-Developmental -Semi-Pro-Ringers-League team. That they represent the SEC...whatever division that is…with slickster as coach…hmmm.

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