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Column: Traylor should turn up the heat

Why should he be the sacrifice? Aren't the coaches paid big money to take the heat for the team?
How about just be motivated to get the ball or block the shot?

I thought the whole purpose of "university" was to develop judgement. They can have character issues somewhere else. Maybe sportswriter's dreams.

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Bus driver, union leader files for seat on City Commission; Salvation Army kettle drive falling short of goal

Unfortunately good works always seem to come with an attached message. Empty bellies usually can't read. Or even bother to try.

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KU suddenly thin at point guard

""He is our best ball-handler. He is not really a true point, but is certainly trying to become that.”

Don't tell him that!

What is a "true" point guar anyway? As far as I'm concerned, a phony one that wins is just fine. Maybe a new prototype.

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City manager offers apology on Rock Chalk matter; commissioners suggest audit

Robinson is university, bud. Always was.

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City agrees to look at parking changes to accommodate proposed downtown grocery store

They should get the Five Families" to develop the project. Then…no squabbles.

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Kansas quickly caught Gators

"Self said Saturday that Frank Mason’s ankle injury was not serious": Thank you, Ms. Hudy.

This position could thin in a hurry.

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Vitale judges Jayhawks

"“Being bullied as a kid. All my opinions in 75 years.”…"has no plans to retire soon." -Dukie's revenge is a TV without a mute button.

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Suspect shot, wounded in suburban Kansas City

The world's longest article to say nothing. Beats ESPN!

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Extra oomph: Ellis forceful in win over URI

I missed the rules change…there's style points in a dunk?

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Seriously, folks, Self wants 40-plus points

Maybe they need the Marine survival course again?

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