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Wiggins honored with 'Mr. Jayhawk' award at postseason banquet

"he has signed with agent Bill Duffy": So why do these guys get inK? Who's Embiid's insurance agent?

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Zenger: ‘Bonnie will be back’ to lead KU women's basketball

1)“Our focus is not on nonconference play."
2) "her 11th season, determined to land her first winning conference record in Big 12 play."

Nonconference isn't a focus. Conference clearly isn't a focus. I'd think at $500,000, KU could buy a couple of more assistant AD's with that money and room for a new coach besides.

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11 things you're doing to your skin that you shouldn't be

Cleaning out toxins? Exercising stimulates and supplements the vascular circulation at all levels. Hard to have healthy tissues anywhere without a healthy vasculature. Smoking also degrades the blood vessels, big time. Smoke that cigarette and all the French creams in the world won't soften that baseball mitt.

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N.H. prep guard Graham plans Kansas visit

"Graphic by Janella Williams.'

Didn't we pay big money for "the Kansas font"? Now we are back to block letters?

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Jeff Hawkins resigns as Perry-Lecompton coach

Actually, I'm more interested in what Jeff Hawkins is doing than the one-and-dones scoresheet in the NBB. (Or is it NBA?)

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Area resident laments loss of neighbors, family home in Washington's deadly landslide

People in Washington state wonder how anyone of right mind can live in a "tornado zone"?

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Lawrencian holds out hope for lung transplant, chance at new life

Lessons can be learned. Or is miserable experience to be repeated everlasting?

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Bill Mayer, former Journal-World editor, dies at 88

Loved his language, particularly "basketteers" (sp?). Always a fun read. Like finding the Rosetta Stone.

Hope they have good sports reception wherever he is.

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KU football notebook: DT McKinney gone from team

If he's gone, why a prominent picture on the website? Wouldn't you just wish him well?

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Analysts: KU-bound duo deserving all-stars

"A trooper, Alexander agreed to compete in Monday’s dunk contest in his hometown despite the fact he said he doesn’t like dunk contests. He hurt the wrist in that dunk contest." << How children learn.

I wonder if they rewarded three points instead of two for a dunk?

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