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Brownback says he had meetings to discuss agenda, but did not violate Open Meetings Act

"Mrs. Witte misinformed Rep. McLeland's office and she very much regrets this," the statement said.

Blah, blah, blah. I'll bet she regrets this all the way to the unemployment office! That's politics. By the way, clearly this is a violation of the Kansas Open Meetings Act. I don't care what spin you (Brownbackers) attempt to put on it.

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Statehouse Live: Committee to consider resolution condemning United Nations Agenda 21

Seems that the lunatic fringe is now seated as the lunatic mainstream. Not enough state hospital beds left to accomodate them all. You wonder why KS is laughed about/at around the country? No further commentary necessary.

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Republican presidential hopefuls turn their attention to Kansas

What? Rick Santorum was caught in a landslide? Where? Was it on his way to KS from ND? He didn't have a bus full of his other cronies, like Brownback, KKKobach, Limpbaugh, Gingrinch, or Herman Cain with him did he? Tell me it isn't so!

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Tribes win federal funds to boost law enforcement

Better yet, begin denying federal grant moneys (read tax revenues) to First Nations people who have successful business ventures. Let them use casino revenues, greens fees, lumber profits, and other sources of money they generate if you want to see sovereignty become the norm. And from experience, it won't.

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Secretary of State Kris Kobach may be heading west — to Douglas County

Lets get that State Capitol building up on wheels and move it all to Lawrence/Lecompton. Better yet, to Wichita. They've wanted it for a long period of time. Then, either Kris K Kobach will have a much shorter commute or, he'll be closer to the cowboy capitol of KS and further away from here.

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Westar seeks $91 million increase

Smoke and mirrors. Get it from Wittig-he took off with 39 million plus a few extra for his inconvenience.

In the area around my home, they can't even manage to finish a job they started. Out of money? Here's another example of corporate CEO's making way too much money and then making the punishment (rate hikes) fit the crime (corporate greed.)

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Judge refuses to stay, pending appeal, order preventing Kansas from diverting funds from Planned Parenthood

Here in Brownbackistan, the "anti abortion measure" has the stamp of approval of the people? According to Sam? What people?

Don't pretend to speak for me! I took notice of the fact that after everyone got very vociferous re: closure of the Lawrence SRS office, they backed away from that one. It demonstrates the power our collective voices have over those pretenders.

Why is it that it takes the proverbial willow switch to energize the majority in KS to speak up on their own behalf and in their best interests? Damn the Koch Bros! Full speed ahead!

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Former Westar exec gets $36 million settlement with utility

Wittig is a convicted criminal. He conspired with Odell Weidner, who is still in jail I believe, for the scam in AZ. Now, he's rewarded with $36 million plus for his time at Westar? My guess is now, here in Brownbackistan, he'll be rewarded with a government job by the lord of the fiefdom.

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Town Talk: Lawrence's slide down the rankings; West Lawrence recreation center to get discussed; a parade of leg warmers?

For those of you Larrytown residents who have not looked around your fair city lately, I'd encourage you to do so. Sliding down the rankings? "Looks like up to me." I've long thought that, while Larrytown is one of my favorite small cities, it's self importance is/was, ahem, a little too elevated. Yes, it has/had things that differentiated it from the other cities locally and nationally.

For many years, some of you blamed the increase in crime on other cities in the area, e.g., Topeka. What you failed to understand or were blinded to through your vin rose colored glasses was the fact that you were importing much of it into your city with the presence of your two institutions of higher learning. Oh no, could it be?

The Mass Street area has charm that I wouldn't want to see diminished. However, you have other problems infrastructurally that will make it difficult to attract business. How about water for example? Check out the availability of freshwater vs. projected growth.

We could go on with this. However, the point has been made.

Continued good luck with your attempts to be a beacon and a bastion of difference in "What's the Matter With Kansas?"

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Local officials, representatives hope to prevent closure of Lawrence SRS office

Oh, I dunno. I think it's a mutual effort.

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