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Bob Dole, Eisenhower’s granddaughter join Brownback’s re-election team

Oh, and Sam, what part will Douglas Lake (of Wittig and Lake fame) play in your efforts to get reelected? We understand that you've just made him an appointee?

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City commissioner wants state to revoke nightclub's liquor license

How about your "gang bangers" up on the hill?

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Fiery debate over expansion of concealed carry, assertion of state gun rights as Kansas House advances bills

"Return with me to the thrilling days of yesteryear!" Who elected these clowns? Oh, wait, we did. Or, at least every TeaPartyParanoidSchizophrenicBirtherCenterOfTheCrazyUniverse constituent did. If you are one of those people, could you be persuaded to move closer to the coastal regions of this country?

Once again, read "What's the Matter With Kansas?" Then, next time, reflect back on your reading whilst you are standing in the polling place getting ready to color in your choice.

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Brownback budget director apologizes for numbers error


You are so correct! This guy is not some numbers cruncher who just happened along. He gets his marching orders from the Guvna. And for all of those of you who are saying "show me empirical proof", I say show me empirical proof that this CPA (I'm assuming he's at least that) didn't cook the books at the instruction of the Guvna. To overlook $2.00 is one matter. That's change for the buskers down on Mass.

We'll be years cleaning up the mess that this adminstration leaves us.

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Statehouse Live: Labor groups suffer blow in Kansas House


This goes out to all of you who are union busting Raygunites-any History Channel watchers amongst you? Look back at the sordid history of Carnegie, Rockefellar, Morgan, et al. Need I say more?

My best informed, educated guess is that you are unfamiliar with the law regarding contributions/membership to the respective unions.

You're going to get what you asked for. I need not say more.

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Largest wind farm in Kansas to begin operation soon

Before commenting on this forum on the issues of the day, in this case wind generated energy, you might be interested in looking less an ass if you were to research the facts first. (Kudos to you RockDoctor.) Seriously.Thanks for your observations on the 1.6 megawatts each generates X/number of units per farm.

Pay a visit to an operating windfarm instead of hanging your ignorance out in front of the rest of, aw, why limit it to Lawrence or for that matter, the rest of KS? Find out the cost per unit, the amount of time it takes to repay the initial cost, the size of the footprint each requires, and, AND, the fact that you can grow corn to make into ethanol right up to each unit, which is about the dumbest thing we've undertaken in awhile. There are lots of them but since we're on the subject of energy, and being the "breadbasket" to the world, lets stick to this one.

Institutional memory of the "dirty thirties" is dwindling rapidly.

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Not relevant

As a resident of Topeka, I can assure you that It's not an issue with Topeka water. It's the water statewide. Take down that sanctimonious fence you've erected around Lawrence (or Topeka) and recognize that it's this entire state that has a problem. After all, we didn't breed and bear these people. They came here from around the State.

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Kobach still seeks change in Kansas citizenship rule

We'll just create another govt program funded by an additional tax on fishing licenses to apprehend the "illegals" , incidentally defined by the indigenous peoples in this country as everyone except themselves, put them on the bus (driven by some Neal Cassadyesque character) and drive them to the borders. Of Germany, Ireland, Sweden, China, Viet Nam, and on and on. Fishing licenses will then cost 100k to the 10000th power, affordable by only the Koch Brothers.

Wait...........................Neal Cassady and Republicans? Pie in the sky? Yup! That's who you Republicants are. Pull your heads out and take a sniff of reality! Everything you advocate for smacks of more govt, not less. Really. You can't make this stuff up. Wait for the book. It'll be out soon.

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Lawrence police say Taste Lounge violated liquor laws; bar site of recent gun incidents

Of course it's those Topeka scumbags who are responsible for all this trouble and not the gang associates who are "enrolled" up on the hill.

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Brownback proclaims 'Cowboy Poetry Week'

FINALLY! Something meaningul has come out of the Brownback administration. Next, he'll be declaring meadow muffins the state pastry.

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