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Menards files plans to add another 8 acres to development near 31st and Iowa

why does Menards get to build a bigger store than home depot and best buy were allowed to put in. also what about the deal that was struck with home depot and best buy about no competeing businesses around them

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Owners of pre-eminent K-State bookstore buy The Jayhawk Bookstore

810 WHB has said they will be doing 4 of their Saturday morning college gameday live broadcasts form the KU bookstore this football season. They will be doing 4 from Varneys in Manhattan.

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City clears the way for traffic-calming devices to be installed on 27th Street between Iowa and Louisiana

get the calming devises like the ones on east 19th st. between haskell and harper. i think they are called potholes. works great in slowing traffic down to a reasonable speed

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Man transported to Kansas City area hospital following downtown altercation

i read this article twice and did not see alcohol in the article at all?????????

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Crews demolish Lawrence's first McDonald's

Griff"s was on 23rd st. about where Taco John's is located. I believe the Iowa joint was the Burger Hut and was in the Johnny I's location. Moore Burger was located on 6th st. about where Advance Auto is now. There were several different names for the place at theSE corner of 23rd and Iowa but I can only remember Boyd's Chicken.

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Stadium inequities a costly lesson

what diff does it make if the donor owns the construction company. its his money so it seems that he is just paying himself. if i was the donor and i was giving up the money i sure would want to have a say in who was doing the work. his guys need to be paid also so why not keep them busy.

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KU AD Perkins meets with football players over concerns about coach Mark Mangino

lets look at this a little, Mangino 8 yrs -- 1 yr with an above .500 conference record, no big 12 north titles much less big 12 titles, the only above .500 big 12 season he didn't play the top big 12 south teams, all this from the 16th highest paid coach in the country, surely for that kind of money we should see better -- let me be the first to throw out the name of cromwell

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