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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house

Good for you because we'll never get the straight story. It is a cover up and only those close to the situation (physically or geographically), or with a scanner really know or heard the truth.

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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house


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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house

I agree, this has been going on "forever" and unfortunately won't change. I've heard and seen people with mental health issues wrestled to the ground, their teeth knocked out, handcuffed then taken to jail. Basically, treated like dirt by the LPD. He got special treatment - bottom line.

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Horse Racing Enthusiasts Abuzz for I'll Have Another's Running of The Triple Crown - it's gotta be heart - BREAKING NEWS - IHA scratched because of tendonitis

Thanks to the unselfishness of the trainer, and owner, this horse may not be a "Triple Crown" winner but at least he won't go down on the track, only to be victimized by an early death. There will be another TC winner - hopefully in my lifetime.

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The sense of instant gratification of seeing athletes do almost anything is at the expense of this generation. They have grown-up with an "in your face" news and sports environment. It's a shame, they will not value the same standards of living my grandparent held until they are grandparents themselves. Sad, very sad.

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Don't remember it but I am glad you shared. This is how it should be . .

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Man's car containing his mother's ashes stolen from Lawrence parking lot

This is just disgusting and heart breaking. Why do we keep the ashes because we do not wish to let go . . .

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