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Teens cited for hurling french fry 'missiles'

Aside from the ridiculous "missile" aspect of the whole thing, kudos to the school for following through with suspensions when they students had been warned. Kids learn fast that when we promise consequences and don't follow through, we don't really mean what we say. Is three days a little harsh? Probably, but now the precedent is set and everybody else lining up for lunch knows what's coming. Kids at the high school where I work don't think most teachers will confiscate their cell phones during class--kinda fun to see the look on their faces when we actually make them hand it over. First infraction it goes to the principal's office for the day. Second infraction mommy or daddy has to drive all the way to school before work is over and get the phone for the student. Or not if they think the kid shouldn't have it back. I haven't heard of anybody's parents coming to get one yet.

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MU: Foul disparity 'hard to swallow'

We subscribe to Choice Plus with DirecTV (no cable where we live) and don't get ESPNU. We would have to pay either an additional $12.99/month for their "sports package" which is a lot of regional networks and a few single sport channels or upgrade almost $40/month to their "everything" package to the tune of $99/month (plus receivers, plus DVR service, plus locals, you get the picture). Another $13 a month for one game (or even a couple of games), even the Border War, is not in our budget. We thought about ordering and then cancelling, but DirecTV actually charges you to cancel. It just wasn't worth the hassle when we could listen to Bob on the radio. At least the home game will be viewable...

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Schools have high hopes for 'all-day K'

"Handicapped" is not the same as "at-risk." At-risk kids can have physical, emotional, or environmental factors that can slow their success in school. "Poor" kids are at risk (that's why they have free and reduced-cost lunch--it's hard to learn on an empty stomach). Kids who talk, walk or write with difficulty are at risk. If the school system can find these kids when they are still a year or more away from kindergarten, they can provide help and early intervention that will give the kids a better chance of having a successful school experience, even if that help has to continue through some of their school years.

I have a son starting all-day K in a rural school this fall. Half-day would be plenty for him as he is a younger kindergartner (5 in June). But our friends who had K students this past year, which was the first for all day, were very pleased with it. And most of all, he will have a teacher who I trust, and who will help him succeed.

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Take time to devour a flower

OMG, I am so glad other people see the frog too! I thought I was crazy or they had the wrong picture with the article!! Really appetizing, no?

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Dogs liven up day at the office

"The idea behind taking a dog to work was to increase awareness of the number of homeless animals."

Huh? How about take a bag of dog food to the shelter day instead? I love dogs, and I even love dogs at the office, but I cannot for the life of me see how this helps HOMELESS animals. The ones going to the office already have homes (although at least the one in the story was abandoned at one time). How about HS volunteers visiting local business with some real homeless animals? One look at those cute little faces and somebody might take one home! Or how about paying $5 or donating pet supplies to bring your animal to work, with the proceeds going to the HS (kind of like blue jean Friday fundraisers)?

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Businesses oppose game in writing

How about a little creative thinking here? Line up some motorcoach party bus thingies, have a pre-game party in downtown Lawrence, give everybody a safe, entertaining ride to the game, them bus 'em all right back to downtown to celebrate afterward. Less cars on the road, and we get to deprive KCMO of parking fees! Offer up a family bus so little Jaybirds won't have to be exposed to foul language and puke on the way home.

Or figure out how to have a downtown-sponsored tailgate party at Arrowhead with local food, local vendors, etc. Maybe they won't allow it, but has anybody even given it a thought? There is a LOT of lead time here.

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Q: Who answers 864-3506? A: KU Info staffers, once again

We used to get lots of calls for the finals schedule--Google found the page as the first item for "KU final exams 2006"

The number of trees on campus was a bit more roundabout (no Lawrence traffic pun intended), but it did show up in a news story about the reopening of KU info).

And it's easy to find the movie schedules, concerts, etc. at

But in a world where there are fewer and fewer reasons to have to talk to a real-live person, I'll call KU Info any day instead of turning to Google. It was my best campus job--undergrad or graduate degree. Sue Elkins was a pro at conducting job interviews that focused on hiring creative, intelligent students who were always looking for more ways to help their callers. Sometimes they got answers they didn't even know they were looking for yet just by having another human to interact with.

Glad to have it back.

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Businesses prepare for commencement crunch

If you think it's hard getting from a Lawrence high school graduation to KU graduation, try graduations 20 minutes apart in Topeka and Lawrence. In 1989 we had to split the family down the middle. Half came to my college graduation and half went to my sister's high school ceremony--which meant I missed hers entirely. It stinks to have to choose who is going where, but we found out in October and had a while to be pissed and then get over it. We had a big co-party the day before and got to be together for that. You would think the schools could have a little better plan of attack all over the area...

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Champion trees lost to storms

Maybe this should encourage the Forest Service to start getting saplings from all the chamion trees before they are too old to save. It will be sad if they can't get some to grow from the cottonwood. It was an amazing tree.

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He's still tan after all these years

Thanks for the great memories! I am glad to hear that John is still soaking up the sun. The world is a better place when those Tanman vibes are happening!

Tanman Day sounds like a winner to me, and the first day of summer is perfect! If they can do it for Dada, they can do it for the Tanman!

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