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Letter: Hate speech

"Some might dismiss Professor Guth’s hate speech as merely the ill-considered rant of an immature and insecure academic, anxious to demonstrate his allegiance to the politically correct views of his fellow academics."

Comment about that quote: Written like a right wing jack ass would write it.

BTW: In the NRA? You are a registered gun owner. Keep your membership/regitration current so when the so called "repressive government" DOES want to come get you guns, they have a nice prepared list to work by: THE NRA Membership Rolls.

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Letter: Not Kobach’s fault

She's's not Kobach's fault. You have to have a conscience to possibly be at fault. Repubs phony agenda reflects an attitude of ignorant pomposity and total selfish motives: STEAL Elections. When they lose, they work rig the system in their favor.

To the writer: There has been no voter fraud in Kansas to warrant the passge of Kobach's agenda. He is a liar, like most of the repubs.

The writer of this letter is obviously part of that party and it's agenda. (Consider she's from Eudora where one of the biggest right wing idiots was elected as state rep.) Showing no conscience as she said "I shake my head at every one of them." She's confused because she has been suckered into believing the right-wing-nuts.

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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

This isn't about the ACA, it's about incompetent Kansas Republican politicians coming between Kansans and their health care providers. The KS hospitals didn't want KanCare, the wanted the Medicaid expansion. Problem is, most bashers of the ACA are ignorant about the law. These folks are getting their opinions from republican wing-nuts and Koch brother propoganda.

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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

"Only private practice physicians have that choice."

The hospitals want the Medicaid expansion. The ones who are "private practice" are sometimes the ones that don't have affiliation with a hospital because they are quacks.

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Letter: Shame on state

Guth is up against the Sovereign State of Kansas, and all it has to "offer." If he ends up fighting the university, KU and Kansas will hire a judge like Elsbeth Schaefer to create findings that are made up fantasies...(tranlation: lies) which the State of Kansas has shown it can do with impunity. It's a rigged system, the KU attorney's office, the KU HR Office, the state Judges and all the rest of the right wing moron legislative jerks in Kansas.

KU: A Coke Machine with a Chancellor. It's all for sale.

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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

Kansas wants a block grant from Medicaid now. So, can't pay the bills till the Fed's pony up. Funny how red states take in more fed money than they provide, yet want to feign that they mistrust the feds. Sam that's phony, and very much like Texas...a usurious state of Federal money.

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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

Apple had glitches... excuses excuses excuses. There would be as lame an excuse for "holding up payments" as one could profer.

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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

What do you expect from the State of Kansas? Brownback has loaded up the state with "non-care" and is now stiffing the providers. Should have opted in to Medicare Sam. Still paying Elsbeth Schaefer (the "Lying Judge" who was forced to resign) to win cases for the state of Kansas that it doesn't want to lose? Same crap Sam...same Crap...You have loaded the State with liars and cheats.

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Court staffer suspended over Kline tweets

What's amazing is the Judicial system protects its own. When Schafer and another attorney who worked for the state were reported for lies, the Judicial review board ignored the complaint and let lies stand. No review ever took place.

Kline was too high profile for them to ignore. Snakes all...

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Court staffer suspended over Kline tweets

The big leagues used to be able to make it up and float it with impunity. With internet social media, it is nice to see someone who bucks the big leagues and goes with giving the rest of the public a little idea of the goings on. Describing Kiline in an unflattering way isn't a sport, it's what Herr saw. I like it in that she spoke her mind.

Remember how many politicos like Kline leak their agenda to the world. Those leaks affect lives...her tweet isn't going to make Kline's case go away for him. He's already cooked his goose overdone.

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