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New House Speaker Merrick refuses Kansas Supreme Court chief justice's request to address Legislature

The right wing extremists currently running , and ruining, our state are their own worst enemies, but I have no doubt that they could roll back a century of progress before their time is up. The future of Kansas looks mighty bleak to me. Just glad I'm not trying to raise a family here.

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City, KU Endowment discussing new bidding process for recreation center project

Is anyone else tired of all the whining about this project? It seems like a great deal for a city that desperately needs more rec facilities for the kids. I could personally care less about a new rec center but this project looks like a win-win situation. I think a lot of those commenting would whine if they won the lottery!

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Editorial: The right person

I find it quite revealing that the newspaper that brought us the unmitigated disaster known as Knology is recommending another free enterprise mistake for U.S. Presidentt. Mr. Romney probably killed more jobs than he created in his former occupation of making big bucks for high rollers by consolidating and down-sizing industries and sending jobs overseas. Romney is long on hot air and short on specifics. He has not spelled out one major proposal in sufficient detail to enable serious evaluation. Instead, he relies on ultra-right wing jargon, lies, and half-truths to support his candidacy. Thanks, Dolph, for reminding me why I am voting for Obama and the Democrats.

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Editorial: Other choices

Dolph Simons may think our legislators are in the wrong caucus, but in my opinion, his newspaper is in the wrong town. The J-W editorials are often a disgrace to this progressive community and generally aren't worth reading. It's no wonder this newspaper has had so little positive effect in this community. When we retired and moved here a few years ago, we anticipated that the local paper would provide useful insights and effective leadership. Instead, we find it acting like a fish out of water. For many readers, a recommendation by the J-W is usually a sign to look in the opposite direction.

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State Senate leader names members of tax panel

Let's hope the group will adhere to the logic that if it's not broke, don't fix it, rather than try to out-Brownback our "leader" and come up with some more questionable plans to disrupt society as we know it. Perhaps there are changes to the tax system that might improve funding for public and higher education, but it seems that our current leadership is striving for the less admirable goals of keeping more money in the hands of those who least need it, while making public and higher education the state's poor step-children.

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Driving distractions

Studies have shown that cell phone use is more distracting than listening to radio, fellow travelers, road signs, etc. because the phone conversation directs our attention to other issues in a way that the others do not. I have been nearly run over by young women drivers obscessed with their cell phone conversation on several occasions. How many times do we see drivers making left turns with their cell phone in hand after the red light has clearly lit.

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Senate committee delays vote on Six; Roberts, Moran oppose Lawrence attorney's nomination to court

This is just another telling episode in our long spiralling descent into governmental stalemate and a prelude to the end of American democracy as we have known it. The moderates have all been pushed aside and the political center that still has a majority of the electorate is being held hostage by the extremes. I vote for a completely new Constitution, with a parliamentary system and prime minister from the majority party; alteratively, one six year term for the President and two four and six year term limits for U.S. House and Senate members, respectively. We need to drastically change a political system designed for an 18th century rural, agrarian culture. It managed to survive as long as there was some civility in our society but we now have the political mindset of barbarians.

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Expert outlines energy challenges, calls for less simplistic approach

Hofmeister is correct in saying that our current energy policies are not working, partly because of the extreme polarization that has enveloped our political system. This polarization is largely responsible for our dysfunctional government, and is contributing to the greatest challenge to our political system since the civil war. Many Americans are frustrated by the extreme left and right wings that currently dominate the political parties and lead to stalemates and political posturing rather than solutions to urgent problems. I don't know how we can move the political parties to the middle, but I believe it is essential if we are going get out of the mess we have created, including the lack of a rational energy policy.

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Kansas House committee wants Board of Regents to study benefits of privatizing many functions at state universities

The Kansas legislature has already abandoned its responsbility to adequately fund higher education in this state. These cheapskates only have one thing in mind: more profits for the Kochs and their buddies. Wonder if they have a janitorial subsidiary?

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Statehouse Live: Bill before Kansas House would restrict employee groups

While corporations and billionaires have been given immense freedom to hide huge contributions to political campaigns, the common people are being more and more restricted by these C of C types. Our country is starting to look more like those in South America, with a few "haves" dominating the "have nots" and a shrinking middle class trying to hang on. Whether our political system can rebalance power under these circumstances remains to be seen, but the present attacks on voting rights by the right wingers makes me nervous.

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