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City seeking grant money to improve 23rd and Haskell intersection in preparation for increased traffic from SLT

With their anticipation of more traffic on Haskell Avenue, I certainly hope the City will plan on putting a stop light at the intersection of 27th and Haskell. This is already a dangerous intersection with the heavy traffic that is already there, much less adding to it! Lines are backed up on 27th Street everyday during rush hour/school dismissal with people trying to get out onto a busy Haskell Avenue.

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Town Talk: City seeks to ban Chinese lanterns; Iwig Dairy store keeping eye open for new location; Zarco 66 owner deep in ethanol debate; electric car charging station for downtown

Anyone know? What is going in on the SW corner of K-10 and O'Connell Rd? On my commute to work I see a sign out there now about a project being financed by a lender.

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KU enrollment falls, but freshman class grows for first time since 2008

"According to figures released by the Kansas Board of Regents on Thursday, the university’s total enrollment fell to 27,939, a drop of about 2.7 percent from 2011. Combined enrollment on the Lawrence and Edwards campuses dropped 3.42 percent to 24,577. "

I believe the article needs to be edited as well. This statement doesn't make sense. The enrollment at the Lawrence campus is 24,577 with a combined enrollment at both campuses at 27,939.

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Know your role in youth sports

Can't imagine what his girlfriend thinks, he just called her a coward for having an anonymous name! Good job coach!

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FBI using billboards to target Fake Beard Bandit

How about they give a picture/drawing for everyone to see with this press release? Reach more people!

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After 45 years at Lawrence Solid Waste Division, employee says work helped him grow, saved his family

An incredible story! It is nice getting to read news like this when generally all we get to read/hear is about problems, fighting, and devestation of sorts. You have a lot to be proud of Mr Turner! And THANKS JW for an enlightening story!

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First Bell: Parents to head back to junior high — er, middle school — this week; supporters expected to stand up for schools tonight; past bond issues offer insight

The District's website dates don't match the dates in this story for all the schools. The districts page is stating Tuesday and Thursday. Not Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Douglas County judge hears arguments in Lawrence homeless shelter suit

There is no good location for a homeless shelter. I don't believe the current proposal is the answer, but I don't have a logical answer either. I don't feel the Prairie Park neighborhood will be impacted by the move either. These people need a place to stay. We need to work up a plan that would get these folks off the street and earning what is given to them. That will eliminate some of the demand if these people have to "earn their keep". Start using some "love and logic" with the homeless. I am in favor of helping them, but we can't enable them either.

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Lawrence school board to decide how to make up time lost to snow; classes, activities likely to resume Thursday

Actually, I know it. I see it. I can't speak for all students and all families, but my children are receiving a quality education. BUT we don't expect the school system to do it all either! We work with our children at home, enforce rules for a learning environment at home as well as at school. We can't expect the school system to do it all. If we do....yes our children will suffer from our lack of involvement.

If school is in session, my children are there unless they are ill, which is very seldom. We aren't one of those families where our children have an extra week to 10 days of days off because they take their children out to go skiing, or on a long vacation, that should have been scheduled during the "scheduled" days off the district has posted well over a year in advance.

We parents, have to do OUR part too!

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Lawrence school board to decide how to make up time lost to snow; classes, activities likely to resume Thursday

I feel my children are receiving a quality education. It just concerns me it is being accomplished with so much time off during the school year.

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