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Letter: Important film

The people that need to see this film the most will of course will not because as deniers they don't like to have their preconceived notions challenged.

Spoiler Alert:

When the glacier calved a chunk of ice the size of Manhattan island ( in real-time it took 75 minutes) it was kind of like witnessing what the end of times might look like. The scale was so huge it was more than my mind could wrap around.

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KU student arrested on felony drug charges Wednesday night

His dad is a lawyer...I hope he is a good one.

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Where is the most exotic place you’ve traveled?

Since Buster died a few years ago the place has never been the same. I was just there for supper after a Christmas bird count. It has new ownership yet again. The hamburger I had was alright but of course when you are out in the boonies even so so food taste a bit better.

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