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Have you ever taken a trip on a passenger train? Where did you go?

From KC to ST Louis and back to kc. Love train travel, as long as I can travel in business class.

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‘Mother%$!#hood’ back for comedic, musical look at moms

I saw it in April, and have never laughed so much at a show before. I will be seeing it again Friday. Can hardly wait to see it with all the extras. If you want to enjoy a FUNNY Musical, go see this one!

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Brownback's office redacts names of Court of Appeals candidates from his schedule

What a jerk Brownback is! I did not vote for him, and I will NOT in the next election. The ONLY way things will change is for EVERYONE votes. I know Brownback CAN be defeated! Remember all this crap and the crap that will be coming, election time and make your vote count!!!

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County OKs permit for Penny's sand pit near Eudora

HUMMMMM I guess its true.... Money talks!

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City to consider banning couches on porches

It seems to me that the city and fire dept would have more important things to worry about than to look for and ban couches on front porches

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Local accident victims advocate against texting while driving

I hate texting . If Im in a car with ANYONE trying to text, I start in telling them to put their phone down. Dont do that. Dont text. Anything to get them to stop with the phone! I must be really annoying, because they do as I ask. If I see someone in another car texting, which I have often, I want to roll my window down and yell, put that da-- thing away. Paranoid, yes. Ive seen to many victims of phone related accidents. People, think before you pick up your phone. Nothing can be that important that it cant wait until you can stop.

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Douglas County drug investigation seizes $1 million in meth from Mexican drug cartel

I hope you don't truly believe that people raised in Lawrence don't use the stuff. It has and IS being used by the good folks raised in this area.

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Chiggers: A Lawrence rite of passage

Years ago I almost eaten alive with chiggers. I stopped counting at 130 bites. I was told that the old men that fished at the Kaw took Vitamin B1 for chigger and mosquito. I tried it. It takes a few days to get started, but if I am bit, it doesn't itch very much if at all. I take it from Spring to Frost. Dont know how or why it works but it does. I am so glad that I was told about this. I have told several people about it and they have told me it works for them too.

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100 years ago: Ministers and newspapermen to meet on baseball diamond

I love reading this . I look for it every day, just to see what happened that long ago. Thank you for printing this.

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Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration is pushing to relax restrictions on corporate farming in Kansas. Do you think this will affect family farms in Kansas?

Sam is only interested in BIG TIME things. Piss on the little man ! Small farms are going fast now. What are they going to do when the big guns have no regulations? They will disappear .

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