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Kansas gearing up to sell off Bioscience Authority portfolio

I doubt that the sale of the minority position assets of KBA held by the state of Kansas will reach $25 million.

The situation reminds me of something that my grandmother told me decades ago: "Ronnie, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it."

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Overland Park police officer fired over Facebook post

This is certainly not a free speech issue.

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Kansas Supreme Court dismisses obscenity charge against Overland Park retailer

It took the Johnson County district attorney's office MONTHS to determine that: <br>
"the store was selling sexually explicit toys, lewd clothing, posters of nude women and other items, some of which were displayed in proximity to items geared toward children."

I'm sure that I could have figured it out in less than an hour.

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KDOT announces right-in, right-out at K-10/Kasold intersection

If you really can't imagine the Kansas legislature funding completion to 4 lane of the western half of the K-10 bypass very soon, you need to indulge in what is professionally referred to as magical thinking.

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9-month-old girl found in trash at Lawrence apartment complex; injuries possibly life-threatening

You are stuck within the paradigm of normal psychology. There are psychological profiles, psychopaths and sociopaths are the most notable examples, where there is a total lack of empathy for the feelings or emotions of others. As well as, they don't care about your property either. They just don't care, they really don't. They are only concerned with themselves.

But, it's a mistake to confuse psychopaths and sociopaths with criminals. They are psychological profiles, not criminal histories. But, in the case of people with those two profiles always staying within the letter of the law, they are still doing it only for their own benefit - they simply don't want to get into trouble.

I have had intensive one on one instruction about how to spot psychopaths and sociopaths very quickly from a professional psychologist with a PhD in Psychology. The reason was I wanted to learn how to recognize them before getting caught by their manipulative, thieving, and using behavior again.

I have learned this much - it does absolutely no good to be able to spot them if you can't get people to listen to you, or take your warnings seriously. It was very frustrating. By the time they realized I was right, oh so right, it was way too late.

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Editorial: Zipper merge

Absolutely, a good idea. It works very well in Washington state and Minnesota. But surveillance by law enforcement and hefty fines will be required before very many people become considerate enough of each other to make it work in Kansas.

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Letter to the editor: Shooting concerns

It would be interesting to see some statistics that show whether or not there are fewer home burglaries, as well as other crimes, near shooting ranges used by law enforcement departments.

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Opinion: ‘Remain’ failed to make case for EU

I can't help but wonder what will happen to the EU if the wealthier countries, such as Great Britain, France, and Sweden all exit the EU, leaving the poorer nations such as Greece begging for loans and handouts from the EU to stay afloat.

Where is the money going to come from? Oh, the IMF maybe. Get ready, USA, they're going to need money across the pond.

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Parents, infant among 4 killed in head-on collision near Perry

I-70, a toll road between Lawrence and Topeka, has 6 lanes, and is very safe due to the installation of a barrier between the east and west bound lanes. The difficulty is that it doesn't have exits where many people want to go.

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