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Super 8 owner ordered to stand trial, intends to use defense of mental disease or defect

It would be interesting to be staying there and then read about it in the local newspaper.

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Super 8 owner ordered to stand trial, intends to use defense of mental disease or defect

"The motel remains in business."

I think business is not so good these days. But, what do I know, I could be wrong.

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Letter: Talk about God

Can we please have a letter to the editor about morality, while leaving organized religion out of it?

Morality: It really exists, whether you believe in it or not.

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100 years ago: Railway worker shot by 'hobos' near Perry

This may be the same J. M. Adams that was the first student to register at the University of Kansas, putting his name on the roll September 12, 1866.

J. M. Adams: The death of J. M. Adams was announced in the Lawrence Journal-World on April 5, 1921, on page 5.

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74-year-old Lawrence man dies in mower accident

Mowers powered by a tractor's PTO (Power Take Off) shaft are incredibly dangerous. In fact, they are one of the most dangerous types of farm machinery. I don't think the state should have volunteers use them.

Back in the 1990s I operated power mowers pulled by a large tractor. The ones I used had three large blades, about 8 to 10 feet in length, and the swath cut was well over 20 feet across. Less expensive mowers are much smaller, and some have only one or two blades.

I was cautioned many times about the safety aspects of the machinery, which was the case with every implement I operated. I operated all of them, except for swathers and combines.

In every case, the safety rules are the same. If the machinery is not operating correctly, shut off the PTO shaft, and let the implement coast to a stop before unfastening your seat belt and exiting the safety of the tractor's cab. Even if the tractor rolls over, you're very safe in the cab, if your seat belt is on. The tractor's roll bar will protect you.

It is still possible to get hurt inside the tractor's cab with your seat belt on, I suppose, but I've never heard of it in decades of farming experience.

Many times I've seen tractors without cabs or roll bars pulling large mowers. I would never dream of doing that, it's simply too dangerous.

Although the population is very small, I was told about two fatal power mower accidents in Cheyenne county, in the northwestern corner of the state. I know the exact details, but they are too gruesome to discuss. For one, the safety rules were ignored, and for the other, a small child had wandered into the field being mowed, and found a hiding place.

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Opinion: U.S. slights human rights in Cuba

The United States consistently supports and trades with countries that have abysmal to nonexistent human rights. That's simply what we do, when it's in our interests. So what's new enough about this situation to warrant mentioning it?

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Letter: Stop abortion

David Reynolds: <br>
Fetus, baby, and child are different, really they are. You seem to be confused about that.

If you want to carry it to that extreme, it should be illegal for a woman to refuse to have sex with any man that wants to, because if she doesn't, she won't get pregnant, and that would be killing a child.

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Letter: Spiritual side

It's supposed to be capitalized because it is the title of a book. If you look at the cover of any book in any bookstore, you'll notice that the titles are always capitalized, with a few exceptions that are difficult for me to categorize due to my very limited education on the proper terminology used for words. I do know when they should and shouldn't be, though.

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Letter: Spiritual side

"I know a lot more Christians who are incredibly afraid of dying than atheists. How do you answer that?"

Maybe they know they are sinners (bet they are!), and they think or know that their faith is not strong enough to save them.

The thought of a literal Hell must be very fearful. It is an amazing fact that if the Bible is true, Jesus not only came to save us from Hell, but He also came here to tell us all about it. There is no mention of a "Hell" anywhere in the Old Testament, nope, not even once.

Sometimes the Hebrew word Sheol, which is found in the Old Testament, is thought of as meaning "Hell," but that's not the case at all. It means "the state of the dead, of which we know nothing." But it is certainly implied, or perhaps directly stated, that it is a place of rest.

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