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Westar requesting slight price increase

November 21, 2013 <br>
"Kansas approves $30.7M Westar rate increase" <br>
From: <br>

September 24, 2015<br>
"Kansas regulators approve $78M rate hike for Westar Energy"<br>
From: <br>

April 1, 2016<br>
"Westar Energy to increase home and school rates, cut business rates"<br>
From: <br>

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Westar requesting slight price increase

Westar requesting a rate increase seems to be an often repeated subject for a newspaper article. I'm sure that people on fixed incomes are fascinated at how a monopoly can repeatedly ask for more money, and then apparently get it.

And didn't Westar get sold to Missouri-based Great Plains Energy? Did that deal fall through? I got a warm feeling in my tummy when I read this from the link provided:

"The two companies say combining operations would result in $200 million in annual savings after three years, keeping rates in check."

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Colorado's legalization of marijuana has changed the way the drug is used in Kansas, AG reports

"Cannabis was in this world to begin with and it will always be."

You have to be a Creationist to believe that "Cannabis was in this world to begin with." <br>

No, Cannabis is the result of tens or hundreds of millions of years of evolution, it was not here in the world to begin with.

"it will always be." <br>

No, at some point life as we know it will end. A statement that something here on earth will last forever is ignoring the fact that the earth itself will not last forever. Study astronomy a bit to discover what will happen when the sun supernovas.

That might sound like nitpicking, but when you ignore basic facts about where the earth came from and what's going to ultimately happen to it, you lose all credibility, at least to someone with some education.

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Analysis: Native American mascots common among Kansas high schools

I grew up in Cheyenne county, Kansas, home of the St. Francis Indians football and basketball teams. And Shawnee county is just to the south.

So, are the county names of the states going to be changed also?

And, since Kansas is named after the Kansa Indians, we'll need to start thinking about a new name for our state. We're not the only state in that position, so things could get very confusing.

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A look at the building that may become state-owned urban decay in downtown Topeka

A tunnel, by any other name, would be as deep.

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Reduced fees, easier online payment among changes to Lawrence's utility billing

It isn't mentioned in the article that at least one major national bank with a few branches here in Lawrence will make online payments to Lawrence Utility Billing, Westar, and many other bills from your checking account at no charge. And, the city does not charge to receive the money.

Every month you are emailed your statement by Lawrence Utility Billing, so you know the amount due. You can also look at it on your paper bill. Then, you go to your bank's website and fill in the amount to pay that month. Then you're done.

I've been doing it for years. It's very easy to do.

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Lawrence man injured after crashing 1927 Ford convertible in rural Douglas County

Is the stated model year of 1927 correct? It really was a Ford Model T? I've never heard of a Model T with safety restraints. They're incredibly dangerous in every way, especially on the highway since the top speed is only 40 mph, and at that speed the car is nearly uncontrollable. And with mechanical (not hydraulic) brakes on only the rear wheels, you won't be stopping anytime soon in an emergency.

Although many that are actually driven are heavily modified, and thus much safer. That could have been what fortunately saved his life.

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Datebook: Experience Haskell student panel, Cottonwood Classies and more events for Sept. 26

Classies? Maybe there's something I don't understand.

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Update on Spin pizza coming to Lawrence; keep eyes open for another hotel project; more updates on northwest development

Spin Neapolitan Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Morningstar's New York Pizza are all going to be within walking distance from 6th and Wakarusa. Is this a bit of overkill?

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Restaurant inspection results: IHOP closes after cockroaches found

There are a few things that make me sick within 30 to 45 minutes, every single time, with NO exceptions.

I think it's some preservatives usually used in milk based salad dressings. The very worst is blu cheese salad dressing, any brand. But, I can mix up my own dressing by mixing olive oil and blu cheese, and then I never have a problem.

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