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Opinion: Video shows callous view of abortion

A clip from the article: <br>
"But it (an abortion in some fashion) never is difficult for Planned Parenthood’s abortionists administering the “procedure.”"

It is ridiculous that a respected columnist like Mr. George Will would make such a statement. That is a blanket claim that every single physician that works with Planned Parenthood has no qualms at all about performing abortions. It can't possibly be true.

A person who is attempts to be exact in writing and in verbal statements should always avoid blanket statements, because there are always going to be exceptions.

A friend of mine's father is a retired obstetrician/gynecologist and throughout his long career he never performed a single abortion, although he was certainly qualified to perform one. He always referred women that wanted one to other ob/gyns that he considered to be less scrupulous. He claimed that he didn't know a single abortionist that enjoyed his work, or so I was told. However, I do believe it to be true.

And, he brought up at least one of his sons to sincerely believe that any woman that had an abortion is too callus to be a mother, and should be sterilized. Of course, that is only one man's opinion, and generally speaking, men have very different feelings about abortion because they're less involved with it, and involved in very different ways. As a general rule in many cases, an unwanted pregnancy is a crisis for a woman, and merely an inconvenience for a man, and quite possibly a very expensive one.

Late term, that is, third trimester abortions are mentioned. They are not allowed in all states. The Supreme Court is also mentioned, which has never made a national mandate as to the latest point at which an abortion can be performed. What this means legally is that how late an abortion can be performed is left up to the states, which is as it should be, at least for the present.

Abortion is always going to be a touchy subject. I've known a few women who have had them, and not a single one of them was very happy about it later, and it seems to me that all of them had regrets years later. I've heard comments about how old their baby would be today if she had not had her abortion a few times. That had to be painful. So, I don't believe that abortion is over when a woman leaves the clinic. She's going to remember and have to live with it for the rest of her life. And possibly longer, but that's a religious point of view.

The women that I know and knew that had abortions seemed to be using them as a first choice method of birth control, when it should be birth control of last resort. Since abortion is so freely and easily talked about, effective methods of birth control should also be freely talked about with young people who need to know about such things. And, in my opinion, private and free birth control should be available to anyone that wants it. That should be Planned Parenthood's prime objective.

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What's your favorite reptile?

T. Rex, because it's extinct.

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Opinion: Truckers impose traffic order

It is absolutely amazing how many people are totally ignorant of the fact that many trucking companies have speed governors on all of their trucks.

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Study: Many Kansas Turnpike accident hotspots near Lawrence

From the article: <br>
"the ratio of fatal accidents to total accidents is "significantly lower on the Kansas Turnpike as compared to rural 4-lane highways in the state.""

That's not surprising, considering that the Turnpike has a concrete barrier along its entire length which significantly reduces the number of head on accidents, which are the most deadly type of crashes.

I am not in favor of cable barriers instead of concrete barriers to prevent crossover accidents, but due to their much lower cost, I'm sure they'll continue to be used in some locations.

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Do you think dogs should be allowed at the Lawrence Farmers' Market?

There was an article on, April 1, 2010 <br> <br>

My comment then, and I would say the same thing today:

What's not been mentioned is that some people are terribly allergic to dogs, and that might be a serious problem for them. So, those potential customers will just have to stay away.

But, most people don't mind a well behaved dog that does not paw or bark much, and especially does not jump up on people.

Those who do not properly control their dogs put all dog owners in a bad light.

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Opinion: Worse than we could have imagined

Israel's "settler policies" were proven to be a farce after all of the settlers and all of the Israeli military presence in the Gaza Strip were removed in 2006. The Israelis had been led to believe that after the settlers and the military were removed, things would be more peaceful.

That was a very mistaken assumption, suddenly the opposite of what Israel wanted occurred - near daily rocket fire across the border, and a few wars, the most recent of which was only last year.

Note: In case you have not been reading the news, there have not been any full fledged wars between Israel and the West Bank. But then, maybe I misunderstand you, and you are in favor of wars between Israel and the Palestinians in the West Bank.

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Opinion: Worse than we could have imagined

On the bright side, a large part of the Palestinian problem would be solved in a flash!

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Checking on possible charges for father who shot 10-year-old; Police presence at 14th and Mass; Calls suggest violent weekend

"If they leave a loaded gun out for kids to find, if they clean their guns around their kids in the living room, while distracted by the tv,"

The fine should be at least equivalent to distracted driving, which does merit a fine.

"if they fire their guns into the air, supposedly celebrating something,"

That's very different, and should merit a huge fine, and also jail time. In the Middle East (except for Israel), celebratory gunfire into the air is very common, and even though there are a large number of people injured and killed by the falling ordinance, there are no signs of it ending anytime soon.

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Should Kansas University be able to punish students for statements they make on social media?

"Should Kansas University be able to punish students for statements they make on social media?"

That question is so broad that it is just about meaningless. For slanderous statements, libelous statements, obscene statements, or statements contrary to the University's policy? Obviously, in some cases yes, and in others, no.

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Shopper in Goodwill taken to hospital after car rams into building

Charlene Blake has one whole and single comment on an account that was opened today, July 12, 2015.

There is no doubt that comment was written with an agenda in mind.

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