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Falconry rare in Kansas, with only about 50 licensed practitioners statewide

In 1970 or 1971 our backyard neighbor had a falcon, and he spent a lot of time training it. A lot of the time it sat on a perch in his back yard, and we would look at it from a distance.

Then one day when he was hunting with it, the falcon flew away and never came back.

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Man convicted in Jewish site killings sentenced to death

Although there are currently 10 people on death row in Kansas, the last execution in this state took place on June 22, 1965. That's been a while, so he's not likely to be executed anytime soon, if ever.

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Man shot by police in June 2014 pleads not guilty, has bonds revoked again after consuming alcohol

The $203,500, less the bail amount of $20,350, has to be paid by the bail bondsman. (At the judge's discretion, I think.) That's a risk of the business, some bonds go bad. But, the the bail bondsman can go after whoever signed for bonding him out of jail with a collection agency or in civil court.

That's how it was explained to me the last time I came up with bail money for someone. I refused to sign for bond. And wouldn't you know it, that was the very last time I saw that person. He did show up for court, though. I have no regrets, the way I look at it is, that was the very best investment I ever made. I'll never have to spend another dime on that person again.

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Dear KU students: What do you really think about guns in your classroom or dorm?

And also to promote gonad growth in men.

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What was your worst experience on a flight?

I was the only passenger, sitting copilot in a Cessna 210, on a nonstop flight from Lawrence, Kansas, to Binghamton, New York. At night, of course. And that's beyond the range of the Cessna 210, because when you get to Binghamton, there's less than 20 minutes of fuel in reserve, which is a violation of FAA rules.

First there was an engine problem above Cleveland, Ohio, a magneto went out, the engine wasn't operating correctly, and the pilot continued anyway. Just had to get there.

We were flying at 11,000 feet, and ice formed on the front of the wings to the point that the aerilons had virtually no effect, and we were close to falling right out of the sky. We descended to 9,000 feet, and the ice melted. Just had to get there.

A couple days later, I watched as the pilot tried to start the plane. I swore that if this next flight went well, I would never be afraid to fly again.

That engine would not start with only one magneto, we got to Binghamton that night on sheer luck, I guess.

So, the bad magneto was replaced. And wouldn't you know it, while in the hanger, the guys had bumped the Cessna 210 against another airplane, and the entire horizontal portion of the empennage had to be replaced.

But I have digressed. The worst experience I ever had on a flight was the very last time I flew. It was in a two seater ultralight. I knew the statistics on ultralights, but went anyway.

And another time, on a test flight, the structure of the Cessna was stressed to the point of making crackling sounds as it popped back to its previous shape. We had to do that flight over Clinton Lake, because we might crash and hurt someone.

I am done with flying.

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Letter: Prices out of step

I think the property tax that gas station operators have to pay has something to do with the price they charge for gasoline. And also, there might be a local sales tax tucked in that's not obvious that differs depending upon location.

And this is a for sure: The state tax on gasoline varies a great deal from state to state.

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Letter: Meat and cancer

Surely not. Fukushima tuna is the best!

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Letter: Meat and cancer

Within the last couple months, my physician advised me to avoid red meat, and eat poultry and fish instead because of my mildly high LDL cholesterol level. The letter writer didn't mention anything about those alternatives.

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Kansas to get $1.3M for ethanol pumps for motorists

I'll bet you fifty cents that your Explorer's engine produces less power when running on flex fuel!

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Kansas to get $1.3M for ethanol pumps for motorists

Ethanol is made from corn. In parts of Kansas, and a few other places, corn is grown by irrigating with water from the Ogallala Aquifer, which is fossil water. Meaning, the water is not replenished, when it's gone, it will be gone forever.

So, buy ethanol fuel for your vehicle, and do your part to deplete the Ogallala Aquifer.

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