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Police investigating shooting death of 1-year-old girl in northern Lawrence as 'accidental'

Publishing the names and addresses of gun owners wouldn't do very much good. Criminals are not likely to willfully report their ownership, and many of the crimes here in Lawrence come from people that travelled from a city to the west of us, carrying firearms with them.

And, there are Constitutional issues involved.

In my opinion, the only thing that could really help to prevent accidental shootings would be gun safety classes, available at no charge to the public.

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State drops case against Baldwin City man accused of selling counterfeit laundry soap

Will I get in trouble if I sell gravel and claim that it's aquarium type gravel?

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One person killed, two injured in North Lawrence motel shooting

Possibly so, and it might cost extra because some people want to chase ghosts.

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Lawrence police investigating report of man masturbating outside apartment window

Many things are difficult to do. For instance, correctly placing an apostrophe stymies many writers. In the first paragraph, an apostrophe is placed directly after "resident," before the "s," thus indicating that there was only one resident being viewed during said act.

In the second paragraph, an apostrophe is placed after the "s" in "roommates'," thus indicating that there was more than one roommate being viewed, or possibly they shared that single room.

How many residents or roommates were being viewed, or shared that room, during the act? From this article, it's not possible to say.

So yes indeed, some things are hard.

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Kansas unveils new 'Real ID' driver's licenses, 3 years early

Big Brother does not like your attitude.

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Letter to the editor: Gun generalization

Because of the very high crime rate there, I thought that living in Washington, DC was a "good reason" to obtain a CC permit. <br>
Was I mistaken?

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Kobach won't acknowledge that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

I've lived in California, and I met a whole lot of people that were not nice.

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Kobach won't acknowledge that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

"I wish the constitution, which is offered, had been made more perfect; but I sincerely believe it is the best that could be obtained at this time. And, as a constitutional door is opened for amendment hereafter, the adoption of it, under the present circumstances of the Union, is in my opinion desirable." <br>
- George Washington

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Kobach won't acknowledge that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

Go to work and try to get a Constitutional Amendment passed. The Constitution is an ever-evolving document. Or, you could try to get a Constitutional Convention called, then a new Constitution will be written.

But, stop and think about it. One out of every four Americans lives in California. I personally would not like to see California having that much political power. Californians would be picking the President!

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World War I in Lawrence: Draft list sent to Washington, D.C.

About daylight savings time:

When told the reason for daylight saving time the old Indian said: <br>
"Only a white man would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket."

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