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Letter: Safest route

From the letter: "people will just choose another route and that will worsen the traffic on those other smaller streets."

And none of them will use Wakarusa, which goes to the same destinations? It's a 4 lane roadway that is underutilized.

I think pushing traffic from Kasold, which goes through residential areas, onto Wakarusa, which is primarily commercially zoned, is a large part of the proposed two lanes for Kasold solution.

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Letter: Plan makes no sense

I can't keep up with the 45 mph speed limit here. The sidewalks are obviously made for the use of bicyclists, and you see them using them very often. Plus, there are warning signs painted onto the sidewalk for both pedestrians and bicyclists at every side street.

It's a rare and bold bicyclist that takes on the 45 mph speed limit on west 6th Street by Wakarusa. But, in other locations, you do have a point.

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Lawmakers overseeing Kansas' Clean Power Plan would rather overturn rules

Politics and science are like oil and water. They don't mix.

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Crime reporter turned 'officer': Traffic stops, de-escalating situations are harder than you might think

I'd sure like to write about proper etiquette when pulled over for traffic stops by police officers, a county sheriff, and KBI agents, but "discretion is the better part of valor." Most of it is common sense if you want to get away with it, which of course you do, know what I mean?

That was a long time ago, but the memories are priceless.

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Letter: Plan makes no sense

It works both ways. This is a repeat of a comment I made in the past, with a parenthetic addition for clarity:

I was once on my bicycle and stopped at a stop sign (4 way stop) while waiting for a car that had the right of way to get through the intersection. After a few moments, I looked at the driver of the car to see what was taking so long.

It was a woman driving the car, and she was waiting for me and waving me on. So, I waved back and hurried through the intersection.

Apparently she wasn't used to a bicyclist actually stopping and waiting at a stop sign.

But usually, I stay on the sidewalk. Where I live on far west 6th Street, the sidewalks are about six feet wide and obviously made for both bicycles and pedestrians. And since pedestrians are very rare here and I ride very slowly, there's never a problem.

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Bullet passes through central Lawrence home; one sought in midnight pursuit; woman allegedly bashes $1,800 TV screen; Dillons arrest; apartment burglarized while residents on walk

Maybe we haven't had enough serious crime here in Lawrence to pique your interest. <br>
Why don't you stir up some real bad trouble to make the newspaper more interesting.

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Kansas regulators approve $78M rate hike for Westar Energy

"Wolf Creek began commercial operation on Sept. 3, 1985" <br>

"The LaCygne plant consists two generating units, the first of which was built in 1973. The second unit was added in 1977." <br>

Pick yourself up off the floor, because you are surprised, they were NOT built before 1970. It's amazing what a small bit of research can reveal.

You stated: "They should be building new, more efficient power plants and investing in sustainable energy sources!"

I'm sure the power companies would be very willing to do that, if the public was willing to pay for it. The problem is, people want cheap electricity. You could do your part by forwarding ten million dollars to Westar. That wouldn't nearly cover the costs, but it would be a start.

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Letter: Accept refugees

There are plenty of Islamic Arab countries that have room for refugees. But, due to their antiquated tribal nature and identity, they are refusing to do so.

The Arab nations should be forced to accept them by the United Nations, but the U.N. is too busy finding faults with Israel to be concerned with dead and dying Syrians.

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K-State imposes sanctions following band's Jayhawk halftime show

There's a long standing feud between Silo Tech and Snob Hill, that's why.

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Opinion: ‘Religious liberty’ looks like intolerance

Without getting into a long diatribe, you sound like an (especially) Reform Jew, because you echo the official Jewish beliefs about the Creator exactly.

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