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Year-round yard waste collection, other trash and recycling changes to begin in May

"residents must put yard waste in compostable yard waste bags or a city-issued 95-gallon yard waste bin, which can be purchased for $60."

Where do we go, or what do we do, to purchase these waste bins? I need one!

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KU gets OK to ban handguns from football, men’s basketball games; purses will also be banned

That's a good one for those of us with food allergies.

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Opinion: Experience America during WWI

"The war unleashed a flu pandemic"

It's a stretch to claim that World War I caused the outbreak of Spanish influenza in 1918. It was a naturally occurring mutation of the influenza virus. There were also mutations which killed over a million people in 1958 and 1968.

Every year the influenza virus spreads over the earth and virtually every year it is different. Obviously, some years it is much more lethal than others. Today flu shots are available which protect many against the flu, if the strain we're immunized for is the one prevalent that year. It's quite a job to predict which ones will be around in a given year.

The most that can be said about the war and the flu is that the war allowed the flu to travel around the world faster than it would have otherwise.

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Investigation begins into massive suburban Kansas City fire

"The Overland Park Fire Department received mutual aid from its Johnson County, Kansas partners, as well as the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department, the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department, and the Lawrence, Kansas Fire Department."

Clipped from: <br>

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Search for suspect called off after high speed chase

It's going to be very difficult to identify the suspect with only his wallet for evidence.

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Zaxby's announces opening date for west Lawrence restaurant; update on downtown chicken restaurant

When is a Jayhawk restaurant going to open?

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Attorney blasts Kansas asset forfeiture program as 'highway robbery'

I could write quite a long essay, or a short book, on highway stops by the police, a sheriff, and the KBI. But, "discretion is the better part of valor."

I can say this much: Diversion of attention works very well during highway stops and also in many other situations. But I don't think very many people are capable of doing it.

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Chain retailer along south Iowa Street announces pending closure; downtown restaurant shuts down, burger shop to take its place

After 39 years, I was off on a very few details, but I was mostly correct! Everything I wrote was from memory.

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Chain retailer along south Iowa Street announces pending closure; downtown restaurant shuts down, burger shop to take its place

And prior to that, in December of 1977 or more likely 1978, the former Pier One store, on Massachusetts Street at I think 8th St, blew up from a tragic gas explosion in the basement. There had been an inadvertent natural gas release in the piping, and the gas cloud grew and grew across the basement until reaching the pilot light of a hot water heater, according to reports in the Lawrence Journal World at the time.

The building was an older two story one, and the upstairs had been made into apartments. None of the residents that were at home survived. All of the debris collapsed into a flame of monstrous size, and the fire department was helpless, there was nothing left to save, and they were limited to damage control to the building next door.

At the time of the fire, I was in my apartment at 314 W. 14th Street, studying for a final exam in December. I looked out the north window on the second floor, and it looked like all of North Lawrence was ablaze, the flames must have been 4 to 5 stories high. No one who saw it could ever forget it.

Of course, being young and stupid, we had to go look, and my roommate took his camera to take pictures of the massive fire. They did turn out well.

It was all fun and games to watch an empty store burning, until we learned that there had been people at home at the time of the blast, and now their ashes were in the debris somewhere.

One of my clearest memories of the fire is a teddy bear, wet from the fire department's water hoses, with ashes around it, lying in the street near the remains of the building.

Then we went home, saddened by the fatalities, and feeling guilty that we went just to look at the massive fire. Of course we weren't the only ones, a huge crowd was watching, everyone wants to go look at a fire, to the despair of firemen everywhere, I'm sure.

Later a modern building was built at the same location, I think NW corner of 8th and Mass, and nothing remains of the disaster except for much more strict regulations and inspections of natural gas piping, so that a similar blast will never occur again in Lawrence.

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