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What is your favorite video game?

It's hard to argue with Joe and Juan. Ocarina of Time is just sweet. I'd throw Goldeneye in the ring also.

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Royals Week In Review and Preview - 4/11/2011

I think Escobar deserves the player of the week, at least for that one gem he did throwing out Alex Rios. That was awesome.

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Royals 2011 Season Preview Part IV - The Prospects

NIck, what do you see as the future starting outfield? Cain, Myers and ? Gordon? Cain is CF, where have they put Myers? How is Myers arm for the outfield?

Also, what about 2B? Is Getz really the answer there?

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An Introduction To This Royals Blog

Welcome Nick! I've enjoyed your stuff over at Royals Authority, and am glad you're spreading all things Royals out west. Good luck reversing a lot of cynicism though, but I'm sure you're quite aware of all that.

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Proposal would nix presidential primary in Kansas next year

The caucuses were just fine with me. It wasn't the most organized way to cast a vote, but when they are a lot cheaper to have, then just do that.

Can't stand Kobach, but I can't really blame him for this, it's been this way for a long time.

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State Rep. Anthony Brown criticizes Lawrence, KU

Thank goodness I moved out of this moron's district. How does one show a complete lack of common sense and judgement? Ask Mr. Brown.

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It’s about time

Wow. Talk about blowing something out of proportion. Did you hear about how if gay people were allowed to marry, that everyone would be marrying their pets also?

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It’s about time

It's going to mean a whole lot of nothing, except that some people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for this country don't have to pretend that they are straight when they want to go out on a date or (heaven forbid) have a relationship with someone.

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Royals trade Zack Greinke to Milwaukee Brewers for prospects

I like how people always bring up the Damon/Dye/Beltran trades and compare them to what's going on now. Trades happen in MLB, pretty much every team does it. And that includes trading top talent. Especially when that talent really isn't going to help the team all that much and will bolt when his contract is up.

At least the Royals get something of value in return. How much value? We won't know for a few years, when they should be ready to compete.

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